Super-duper late outdoor grow.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by poppybgood, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Hey guys and gals, I'm thinking about starting a few seeds today for a mini backyard grow. I'm in zone 8, so the freeze date isn't till late Dec usually. I've got a few seeds left out on the rolling tray from last year's BFI x Mystic cross, and to be honest, all of these micro, LST, and 12/12 threads are giving me serious wood to try some of these techniques out. My biggest indecision right now is what genetics to use that I have on hand, b-cuz I don't have the money for auto seeds right now. I've got landrace sativa,BFIxMystic,and Serious Seeds chronic on hand at the moment. Worst case scenario, I can move them indoors to finish out. Ihave a box with a 175 MH and 2 42watt cfl's used for starters,plus a 400 MH and a 400 HPS I can set up. Right now I just want to experiment with some of the training techniques I've learned about recently here on GC. I don't need the smoke(still puffing on the 09 grow) and I have some large guerilla plants about 3 weeks into flowering right now. I'm just new to forums and a lot of these abbreviated techniques are total news to me. I'm old school, plant in the spring, grow huge plants and hope to get away with it.:smoking:

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