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  1. Hey all, lately i just cant seem to find happyness in anything. Yea, even smoking, im high right now. It seems like my lifes in a rut. Im 18, i dont have a high school diploma, I live in a shitty fucking apartment. I dont have a GF. Alotta my friends are all off to college and making somthing out of themselves.

    So what do? I just relized i dont wanna be living like this. I made a few bad decesions the last few years, I got fucked over by the police. But ive never done anything to harm anyone, Im not a criminal, i dont sell hard drugs. Im not trash.

    I dont wanna sound like im just feeling sorry for myself but, It seems like all my friends over the years have all had everything just handed too them. Like there nice cars, money, clothes, just seems unfair. I never hurt or disrespected my parents, just my mom decided she didnt wanna have me anymore so I had to move in with my grandparents when i was 16. Well they have both passed away now.

    I guess im just really lonely.
  2. start writing some songs and make music. why not....
  3. I'm just like you, man.

    Don't let yourself be brought down because you're not like other people.. the important things is that you do what you want to do. So what if you're not going of to college? You don't need a college degree to be happy. Keep your head up bro. Be positive.
  4. find some fucking motivation and do something with your life.
  5. like i said, i dont know what makes me happy anymore. I really dont

  6. Eh, OP just disregard this burnout.
  7. why so serious?
  8. I'm in a similar place due to some health problems and a bad marriage. Have you thought about seeing a counselor or doctor/psychologist/psychiatrist. I know a lot of people shy away from that (epically if meds are recomended but they can be worth a try and can sometimes help) it can help to get an outside perspective just having someone else to talk too. You are still young so you got more time to change it - though I felt that way at your age too. Lots of times ther are free counseling services - look in the "blue pages" of the phone book. Also there are often places can help you with getting a GED and carrear training. you'll probably get some prank comments to this thread but good luck-I hope you can find a change. Peace
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    Are you saying that people that partake in psychedelic unmentionables are burnouts?

    If so, then fuck you.

    Disrespect isn't cool here, man. -JD
  10. Im in the exactly the same position apart from I still live with parents, have enough money so I can buy shit I want, but nowhere near enough to move out, and I enjoy getting high. I honestly dont know what to do , the only thing I actually want to do is move out and grow the herb, but for some reason it feels a long way away.
  11. nobody wants to be alone.

    but hey, if there werent the bad times, the good times wouldnt seem good, would they? dont worry man, everybody gets an opportunity
  12. yea I was there dude, eventually i had to take the step and live on my own and im just getting a little homesick man. sorry for sounding like a bitch haha. but its what im feelin
  13. Rap should grow weed lmfao

  14. definitely. u need something to love. love ur plants :D
  15. yea i love this weed. and my bong. he never lies to me
  16. im in the same situation. The longer i wait the more it pisses me off at that I have no motivation and dont know what to do with my life. The problem for me is that I dont want to be like everyone else who settles for an average job, decides to become a bore and forget about their real life dreams, has a couple of kids and then just goes through a boring nothing life focussing on living their fucked lives through their children until they die, and then the cycle continues. And as far as i can see most of the people around me are exactly that, with their inane conversations and fucked lives.
  17. Invest all your money into a company that focuses on wind energy.

    There going to be huge.
  18. so how much is £500 going to make me? and how long should i wait?

  19. Nothing worth-while to be honest. I wouldn't start investing until your willing to put down thousands and make a huge decision.

    That was a shitty suggestion, sorry.
  20. then dont be man, you dont have to become a bore if you have a chill job you like, and just keep smoking dude and dont be those people. lol

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