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super dark purple buds "black"

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by armyabe, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. so about a year ago a friend gave me a nug.... and this guy was black purple. i mean you needed to put it in serious light to see the color. i have looked on line for a strained that is capible of this.... havent seen anything like it online. i understand droppping temp allows for purple presence. but has anyone ever seen this or know how its possible. thanks
  2. You mean something like THIS......?


    :D Not quite Black, but the darkest purple I've ever seen. that strain is blackberry by nirvana seeds, you can order them here...
    Nirvana Seeds - Blackberry

    and BTW...if you order those seeds you're not guaranteed to get a plant that dark. I dont' know how much bout growing you know.... but even within a single strain, there can be many differnt phenotypes (characteristics) it will vary from seed to seed (even when seeds came from same plant) one seed might result in a plant even darker than the one in the pic, while the seed that grew right next to it, may result in a plant that barely has any purple color at all. The only way you can be 100% sure that a plant will have the exact same phenotypes, is to clone it. or if you can find an F1, then you're chances are MUCH better, but still not 100%.
  3. whats f1?
  4. thats pretty dark hoping for a shorter flowering time
  5. F1 is a common generation label in genetics for the first generation created. I think what balla420 is trying to say is that you want to plant true-breeding seeds, which are homozygous in all traits. That means that every allele for every trait is the same. This way you are pretty much guaranteed to have the exact plant you bought. Moreover if you breed a true-breeding plant with another true-breeding plant (same strain) you should get the same seeds you started with.

    I'm also pretty sure that all the seeds you buy from reliable banks are true-breeding.
  6. any stains as dark as this one.. i am not too excited about starting from seed. been cloning and received all my strains that way. kind of afraid to germinate males. and ruining my crop.
  7. Well there's 2 things I can think of
    1. Purple maxx
    -seriously does the job from my experiences turns green strains purple and purple strains black I guess it also depends on your strain and pheno but it hasn't failed for me yet
    2. 0/24
    -in the last week leave your lights off, it darkens the bud quite a bit which for a green steain isn't the best but for a purple strain it will halp you on your way. Also allows for more crystals due to no light to break them down

  8. I use purple maxx, first time i used it was on a blueberry strain and it didn't help it turn blue/purple at all. But it is great for growing them little glass mushrooms (thrichomes). I'm like 99.9999999999999999999999999% sure that purple max is not claiming to turn any plant purple. It has to be a purple strain to begin with, and then it could just help bring out the purple but not guaranteed. goes back to the whole phenotype thing i was talking about in my 1st reply. if the plant doesn't have that pheno, then no addative will give it the right pheno, unless they invented an addative i'm not aware of that can genetically alter a plant.

    Plus like i said...when i grew blueberry (which can get to be a bluish-purple color) and used purple maxx it didn't help at all (with color). but either way its a good addative, and helps with other aspects as well. IMO, best used as foliar spray.
  9. well i had a shiva shanti plant that the nugs turned purple after using the maxx. I dont know if it makes a difference but i also used gravity and snow storm but it came out looking b e a utiful:hello:
  10. ok purple max...i just heard good things about gravity.too. going to try it with next batch. i understand that you only use it last 3 weeks or so.

  11. purple max, you can use throughout the whole grow. It says when using with hydro, to NOT use an air pump+stone. But if you're doing buble buckets, not using an air pump+stone would probably kill your plants or at least drastically stunt them, because roots wouldn't be getting enough oxygen. I use purple maxx, but i prefer to foliar feed with it.

    Gravity, the last three weeks is when you START using it. for 5-12 days, not the whole last 3 weeks. I've also used gravity. It turned all my leaves yellow, and crispy. Not sure why. I've heard from someone that gravity works much better for soil grows, but not so great in hydro.... don't know how accurate that is though.
  12. My friend uses gravity with his e&b and swears by it he uses it for almost the full 3 weeks.
  13. At what ratio is he using it? 1 or 2 ml. per gal.?
  14. out in new york we call it gran daddy purp.
  15. does sweet seeds blacckbery look anything like this
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    I let my GDP keep going after harvest, this is what it ended up lookin like :eek:


    You can see where the GDP was, and where the non-purple strain (Blue Rhino) was.


    That shit made some really nice wine-purple colored QWISO hash :hello:

    Just about any strain will purple to some degree if you get it cool enough at night. From what I've read, getting it into the mid 60's at night will bring out the purpling effect, obviously when you have a strain that is inclined to purple naturally the effect will be much more pronounced. I even noticed a slight bit of purple on some of the BR buds on my last grow.
  17. Its looking beautiful...
  18. how often do you foilar feed purple max.... i put like a mil in 2 quarts and unloaded it on 25 girls. first time using it ......once a day once a week? what is the best. do you foilar feed gravity? thanks for all the post.
  19. how often do foilar feed purple max? just mix 1 mil in 2 quart mister, unloaded on 25 girls. when do i do it again dont want to over do it.... how do i mix gravity for use in soil and again how often should i do it and do you really give it to them in their flush phase?

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