super cropping

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  1. I'm growing in a DWC bucket like the one posted by RUMPLEFORESKIN. With the dwc is it better to LST or just let it grow normal and FIM. I have enough room for it to grow normally I just didn't know if it would be wierd to LST the plant thats growing in a bucket
  2. why is it weird?
  3. :Supercropping

    I use the above method. and it works fine in DWC/drip buckets , its good method a (aside from the poster using MG soil) just most shy away from it because of the "I have to hurt my plants!?!?!?" shock.:eek:

    sheesh... got me all excited, thought I was gonna get to talk to somebody about Supercropping...but nope its an LST question. :rolleyes:

    and ohh LST can be done in hydro very easily ( just be creative about where you tie up if its becomes a problem) :)

  4. Just screw these to the lid of the bubblers
    screw_eye_sizes_long_shank_small1.jpg (use stainless steel)

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