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  1. How much more yield could I get from super cropping as oppose to topping the plants? Is the stress on plants from super cropping really worth it?

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    I can't tell you how much more you will get because each plant is different and there are so many more variables like nutes, indoor/outdoor, lighting, etc. 
    But this is not super cropped plant
    This is a super cropped plant.
    scan scan full.jpg
  3. Looks good I am cropping myne hope it works
  4. What I did last run was wait till they were about 7 nodes tall then topped and when the 2 new tops grew out about 6" I super cropped both of them pointing out so the other branches could catch up..ended up with huge plants got almost 5 oz off one
  5. Damb thats whats up. I love ur kenny powers pic an did u fo indoor?

  6. yea indoor 7gal organic with 1000w...I dont think it increases yield as much as it just evens growth out like scrog or lst..the colas might be a bit bigger but not a huge difference...heres my grapefruit diesel I got the most off of..i think its 100% indica so that helps

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  7. Yo those are sum beefy colas good fuckn job I wana smoke sum of that looks amazing im definitely going to try an super crop my hunny banana og ill up date this thread with progress thanks for ur tips an pic

  8. Sad part is I only have 600wtt hps

  9. It doesn't matter really just the light spread will be smaller...I got a half p off one 5 gal hempy under a 400w in a 2x3..just the one plant scrogged and fimmed to like 50 tops lol..thing was beast
  10. It's mostly about how even you can get your canopy so you can utilize the most light..any light going right to the floor is wasted
  11. What were u feeding if u dnt mind

  12. Ok ill send sum pic what hight should I net them

  13. That run was my first go at water only living soil I got from build a soil..wasn't the best and had n def like week 3 but they pulled through..just gave them act with worm castings and kelp plus some aloe with coconut water here n there..taste was awesome though especially the cheese and casey jones
  14. Heres my girls an my mango tree I got hunny banana og in center an tuna og on left an flower bomb on right


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  15. are they still in veg? I usually top once when around 6-12" and either lst them a bit or supercrop till the bottom branches catch up..guess I did a 4 way lst this time forgot i supercropped other tall branches...heres a pic of before and after

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  16. Oh my god your garden is beautiful and feming is just when you bend your plant like that

  17. Bending your plant like that is LST(Low stress trainning) 
    FIMing is where you cut off 80 percent of the new growth and it will split off into 2 or more new tops.
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    that was supper cropped sorry not lst but i do lst it like that a lot i just drill 4 holes in the bucket and tie them down...yours look good you can top, crop or pull them down to lst if you want depending on how long you wanna veg em..I usually start flower when they're that big so might wanna pick something soon or just start flower...the droopy one might be a bit over watered :smoking:
  19. If I bend it will it snap

  20. I was about t order some living soil from buildasol aswell, go.I.dont have the time.or.all the resources to.create to mix the soil at this time. Is their soil.bad? What didnt you like about it.

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