Super Cropping Problem

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  1. I super cropped my plant and it worked on most of the branches, but some branches look like they're dying and the leaves have wilted. What should I do, leave the branches on the plant or take them off. 
    It is still early in the veg stage so should I just not worry. please help
    Side note: I already tried to use tape to hold the branches that had snapped on the surface together.

  2. If it is dead it needs to come off per disease and pest. If it is stressed then let it be for a bit. When you super crop next time try to have more of a radius and not just crush the cell wall in one place. I only super crop when they go into flower for a SROG or when I have to during the flower transition (first 12-14 days) to keep the canopy level.  In veg I LST/tip/top/FIM/Trim.
  3. Here is a shot of how I train my plants.

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  4. Check this out when you have time!


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