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Super Critical Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by ghsspark, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. Hi GC not done a grow for a bit n need a stash so here we go. I've got 2 Fem Super Critical on the go from Green House. Running a 250w HPS TT 100 fan n carbon filter n fan for circulation. Germed n vegged for about 6 weeks and they've been 12/12 for 5 days. Hopin to see some signs next day or 2. new growth is very light green so i'm thinking not too long before I see those little hairs n count down is on. Any advice appreciated.

    Here's my 2 Girls.

    First 2 pics r before lights flipped.

    Second 2 r 3 days 12/12 (stretch is on hehe)

    Third 2 r 6 days 12/12 (just tied them down again)

    Stay high :)

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  2. Just tied my girls down again n look what I found.


    Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh I love those little White hairs. Flowering is on. Happy Days.

    Will post pics 2moz plants lookin a mess after I've been tamperin with them.
  3. well done mate, looks to be a good little grow. You certainly LSTed very well and should have some nice yields :)
  4. [quote name='"justatoruser"']well done mate, looks to be a good little grow. You certainly LSTed very well and should have some nice yields :)[/quote]

    Hopin so. First time tryin LST so bit of trial n error. The stretch at the minute is 2 to 3 inch per day so they're keepin me busy. Don't know whether to keep tying down or just let them go now.
    Decisions decisions...
  5. Alright this is where were up to. Not too much to update stretch is still on n there are pistils everywhere. Starting to smell a bit . thank fuck for carbon filters. Temps n humidity are fine just keepin a watchful eye as tuckin fan leaves down is makin under canopy pretty dark. LST is awesome my plants would be 12" tall n stretchin like mad. Not got too much height room light can only go max 4.5 ft so got to be careful. Fed them today using bio bizz grow/bloom/topmax at bio bizz ratio. They seem to love that stuff. Need to fed every 2 days now was at 3. Thirsty girls.

    Heres some pics they're 9days 12/12









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  6. Few quick pics flowers starting to form pretty pleased with how things r goin so far.

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  7. Good looking grow man ill be stopping by howre you liking tha 250 hps? Im really considering getting one, I'm vegging with cfls right now so a review on tha light will be much appreciated
  8. For the space n extract I've got I had to go for 250. I'd love to put a 400 in but temps r unreal. I run them under 250 from week 2 above soil n they just took off. I took 4 clones off em en they rooted n got potted up tonight. I'll post pics wen they look healthier lookin battered right now. As for the 250 it's spot on for what I need temps r controllable (passive intake wiv 4" extract run through CF on low speed) seems to handle it. I've got a desk fan blowing above the canopy so I keep light about 12" away could get it to 8" but am happy as it is. Light penetrates to soil still only thing stopping it is canopy. Hope this helps any q's just ask. Take it easy.
  9. Quick update. They're 12 days 12/12 now. Had a feed this mornin n tucked a few leaves. Removed a few leaves that were dying off. Not much light getting through canopy now. I think it looks ok n I'm pretty happy so far. I moved the branches around and the smell comin off them mmmmmmm.

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  10. Mmmmmmmmmm Cannabuter Cookies


    How good is my missus makin me these
  11. looking good man! ur l.s.t looks pretty much perfect mate the canapy is so even lol im in for this one be interesting to watch what yield you'll get with this strain with extra veg time
  12. Thanks mate I can't believe how even canopy looks. I'm lovin LST I think I've been pretty lucky with it. I just got lucky with wat I've done n it seems to have worked thanks for lookin in
  13. Looks good bro. waiting eagerly for bud porn1
  14. Thanks man tryin not to put pics up everyday so u can c difference but I love to show em off. Spending too much time with them if there is such a thing n keep takin pics. Can't helpnit lol
  15. Day 13 of 12/12. Didn't check them this mornin so it's been 24 hrs since I last saw them. I'm made up with the way they're stretching. I'm thinkin I should have gone for bigger pots only in 2 5litre pots sat on top of each other. About 8 litres roughly. I've got two more pots same size so gonna cut bottom out of existing pot n put inside new pot. Hopefully a bit more room will be enough. Buds r startin to form n smell is lovely .
    Couple of picks (couldn't resist)

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  16. Everything in here looking good man.
  17. My clones I took before I flowered r lookin alright now. Well 2 r 2 still look a bit battered but they've all got new growth on. Not bad I thought they were all dead until 4 days ago n 2 of them have gone a bit nuts other to not so much but new growth is new growth. On 18/6 with lights now from 16/8. Gonna veg under cfl's for about 6 wks til my two r done then straight under hps flowering. That's the plan anyway.


    #1 This is my FAV






  18. Hey everyone we're at day 16 of 12/12 n things r lookin nice. Had to give more room for roots so cut out bottom of pot n stuck it inside another. Hopefully another 5 litres of space will be enough til harvest.
    Defo goin straight into 15l airpots next time. Buds r forming now n lookin good n canopy is pretty even so I'm thinking of trimming all growth under canopy at 3 wks(Sunday). Not muck light gettin there now. Heres some pics.





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  19. u sir have got the l.s.t down to a fine art looks beautifull :) ur going to have a lot of colas on this girl (jealous lol )
  20. Thanks man. Just got lucky with the way it worked out I think. They seem to be able to put up with whatever I do to them hehe. Hopin they bud up like urs have, they look amazing mate.

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