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  1. anyone have any experience with these ???

    Super Closet

    was wondering if it would work/be worth it
  2. seems a little pricey...
  3. price isn't the issue..i just want o know if it's legit. it seems almost too good to be true to me
  4. Funny, been looking at those all day.
  5. They'll work, but you can build your own similar setup for much, much, much cheaper. Or if price really isn't an issue you can spend that same amount and get so, so, so much more.
  6. There legit. Almost bought one a buddy has one its nice..a little pricey but if thats not a factor get it. It will save you some time and looks real nice.
  7. well, it claims to be able to support 8 mature adults? i'd say two, maybe three tops after looking at the dimensions.
    also that 150W hps is pretty small...
    i'd say look into a 600+ watt tent set up, probably be about half the price...

    for example.
    HTG Supply - HTG 1000w Grow Tent Kit

    - happy growing
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    How much does one expect to yield using a setup like this? I know, too many variables. But still, looking for an approximate average to see if this is worth my time/investment.

  9. You should use 100 watts per plant if you want average results. So you can grow one and a half plants in that system.
    It will take a few years to grow $1,295.00 worth of bud in that closet.

    Please don't do it.
  10. For 1295 I could convert my whole bedroom into a grow
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    For The:


    If you have experience with construction save your money and build your own.

    Lazy Bum.............Yes

    If you have no experience with construction then it's for you. But I don't care how awesome the set up is in that grow box or a matter of fact any store brought grow box.....If you know little to nothing about growing, you will get little to nothing yield, then it's a big waste of money.

    If you give a knowledgeable grower and DIY'er half of what that super closet cost I guarantee they can build, set-up and out yield that super closet any time of the day.
  12. After doing some more research, I decided this isn't worth the price at all. I'll be looking into a DIY option. Thanks man!

  13. thanks mayor..this closet is something my brother is looking into, not me. i personally wouldn't buy it but he doesn't know much about construction and what all to get..i'm sure it can't yield as many LBS as it says at a time, especially a beautiful, healthy plant. i'm trying to do some research for him

  14. This had me convinced. Many thanks, boss!

    P.S. I'm checking out your Box and Elastic Training Tutorial right now...getting geared up for a small grow!
  15. I have the deluxe and it rages....totally worth the beans....I love having the cabinet that I can just shut and maintenance or work at all!...I have gotten 3/4 of an elbow and an elbow out of my first two go rounds...and I had never grown before!! biggest nug was over an ounce dry!!!!!
    I have the pics to back it up too.....most of these diy diy diy people don't ever show pics or back up their, their budgeting leaves out soooo many things that go into and come with the supercloset.....take it from someone who actually has is well worth the investment...I have more dank than I know what to do with!!!!
  16. I have a few picts of my small DIY two plant grow. Nothing as grand as your though.
    My Harvest Pictures

    Please post some more of your grow tips.
  17. You tell um Rumple. That guy had his elbow leaning on his scale when he weighed them scran scrawny plants grown in that $2000 locker. Not his whole elbow, just 3/4 of it.
  18. Enough with the is obnoxious....rumple....very nice grow....well done.....
    My point is people hate on the closets to a ridiculous someone who has one and likes it and has gotten great results,..I am simply voicing the other side.
    People who have never seen one and know nothing about them talk too much trash.....that's all....
  19. To each their own, let's all just squash this......

    DIY or Purchaser

    HookedOnPonics, You have good results with the supercloset, I give you that, Most the DIY'ers are just saying they get similar results out of a lower costing operation, that's all. I am sure if you were DIY you would agree. There are a lot of DIY'ers on this site with plenty of pictures to back up claims..

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