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  1. I need help on the beginning part of this process I been finally waiting for my seeds so sprout and they have it's happening so quickly I germed them over night about 36hr in tap water then did paper towel method now what...??
  2. Are they still in the paper towel?

    If they are and you can see roots its best to move them to what ever medium you have and place under a cfl or t5 to prevent stretching in the stem then eventually moved into a net pot with hydroton once you can see roots then after that once you can roots from the net cup move into dwc.

    Next time you germinate if they are bag seed put them in a glass of Luke warm water no longer then 24 hours somewhere dark and should germinate pretty fast then move to medium once you see tap root with sterilised equipment (tweasers or a spoon) but if they are imported the sites recommend for those seeds to be germinated straight in a medium under a light.

    Just remember though before you put seeds into any medium either soak rockwook in a tub of pH water at 5.5 for 20 mins then let dry out for 10 mins before placing seed inside or if rapid rooters dunk in 5.5 water a few times til soaked then shake out gently or let sit til moist and not soaked and plant seeds as both need to be adjusted to the correct ph.
  3. OK and what if I didn't soak the rockwall cubes which I didn't my plants are growing but look stressed a little is there anyway to fix it?
  4. Got a bunch of new growth happening I wonder what can be branches/more top colas..
  5. 20160619_193832.jpg Got a bunch of new growth happening I wonder what can it be branches/more top colas..
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  6. 20160619_193904.jpg supercroped 2x not sure what kind of plant it is but the growth seems legit but it still can go either way...
  7. Just in case yal we're wondering my set up is this.. 20160619_214648.jpg
  8. I'm pretty sure I need to move the top light closer but at this moment it's impossible I need a longer power cord or a new light to stop the stretch but still looking good
  9. Two fems doing good I think I may have an auto and or male but everything is growing nicely water temp kinda high around 78 cabinet temp 81.... smh higher then I'd like but humidity 49.5 that OK for now but I like it around 53... um Ph is 6.4... ima leave it there for now I would prefer it at 6.2max but not willing to Ph it right now over a .2... will update in a couple days
  10. Yea I agree the lowest I can get it down is 72
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  11. I keep my nutes between 68-72 max. I have had a couple scares were it went up in the high 70s. I finally insulated the buckets. Seems to have worked. I did use some frozen water bottles to bring it back down when I had that incident.

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  12. What kind of nutes are you using?

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  13. I'm using technafloria recipe of success and no sir I do not have hydro guard I got my Ph right but root rot sets in at 6.2 and unfortunately I ran out of Ph down
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  14. I am using technaflora for the first time. I like it so far but only in week three of the nutes. I am also using hydroguard and rhino skin. You should pick you up a bottle of hydroguard and silica. I have had some PH swings and high heat. I think the hydroguard and rhino has helped my plant deal with them till I got it in check.

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  15. Will do I'm going to upload some pics and show u how there doing
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