Super close experience with cops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by DietBong, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. Well, tonight I was chilling with my friends in this one parking lot that we always go to. We ofcourse were smoking, and after a while decided to go to get some food. When we came back, we were just chilling when we saw two girls that go to our school drive near us. They stopped, and we decided to smoke with them. They told us that they had keys to a hourse equipment trailer near the parking lot because it was their horse trainers. We decided to smoke in there, and lit up . After about 15 minutes, we walked to our cars, and a cop was driving like 3 mph by us. He had his window rolled down and was staring at us. Becuase I was high, as soon as I saw him, i said "oops" really loud. I have no idea why.

    I decided to wait till he made a U-turn because I didn't want to put the keys in until I was sure he was not gonna pull me over (its a DUI if you have the keys in i think). As he passed me, I pulled out, and he "coincidencly" pulled over to let me pass. As soon as I pass, he pulls out and follows me. I make a few lefts and he is still following me but I am driving PERFECT. I was scared shitless because I had a pipe and about a dime bag in my pocket. After like 5 minutes, he finally stops following me and I go and get a sluprie :smoke:

    closest call because i know he was called because we were the only people in that part of the lot. My friends stayed and then ran off when they saw him follow me (I had two in my car, and my other friend stayed with another in his car). They said that some more showed up and they were hiding in the bushed while the cops were shining lights trying to find them.
  2. thats shitty man. I hate people that call the cops when your smoking... Its like wtf? Mind your own damn buisness.

    I smoke at a park b4 school and people drive right by on there bikes and stuff its really nice they dont care at all.

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