Super clean 9" Diffused Standup Bub by El Hefe

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  1. Gotta love my buddy for the deal I got on this one...this thing is just ridiculous. He has better pics than I can take, so here they are:


    Thanks for looking. :wave:
  2. Damn, that's nice. How does it hit?
  3. Im guessing really good haha, nice piece man!
  4. Holy fuck that thing is sick!!!!
  5. oh man its beautiful!
  6. How much? Shit is niiiiiiiiiiiice.
  7. nice hefe bro... lookin good, i think ive seen that before, cant remember where.. anyway, sick bub dude.
  8. nice piece. Looks like a nightmare to keep clean.
  9. Thanks ya'll. I think the piece originally went for 900 when my buddy got it, I paid a lot less than that + a little trade for something else.
  10. Hefe went off on this one.
    Nice pick up.

  11. Shit you can say that again. :eek:
  12. nice bub. i love el hefe's work. how much did it dent your wallet
  13. I spent less than $200 out of pocket for it, but that isn't to say that I only spent $200 on it. yadadadamean.
  14. Testing my hopefully space saving .gif

  15. excuse me while i change my pants
  16. That is still my fave bub I have seen. I wanted to get it, but you got it for my max. You got a fucking steal!! Nice pick up for sure!
  17. Sick bubb, great addition to any family!
  18. That's sexy as hell. I'd hit that so hard:smoke:!
  19. You did get that were I think you got it right?

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