Super Chill Idea. . . and a Challenge

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by TuxxiT, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. Alright, So, stemming off from the open mic discussion on great feelings, I wanted to make a seperate thread. We're all blades here, and I'm sure we all get stressed from time to time. What I like to do when I'm just getting voer a super stressful period in my life, is this.
    1 Marijuana cigarette
    1 ocean(preferably, or another waterway), mountain, valley,etc, nature
    Otis Redding's (Sittin' By the) Dock of the Bay
    1 sunrise / sunset

    I love to head to my local wharf, which sits right on the Atlantic Ocean, and pop in my iPod and chill out smoking a jay and listenin to Dock of the Bay. Pearl Jam did an amzing cover of this song, and it's this version that I listen to. It seems to me that when I'm there, i'm "there". I'm feeling what this whole worldy and unworldy thing is all about. The physical and the spiritual. I'm one with my surroundings. To me, this is my "it". This is the cloest I've come to discovering what life is all about. I feel like a real beatnik, a real Dharma Bum. I can relate to Kerouac, and Cassidy, and Ginsberg. I often meditate there, as my currently place of abode is as tranquil as any outport town in Newfoundland. After these experiences I feel wholesome, cleansed, and, well, alive.

    I'm not saying this is going to make you see the light, or feel enlightened. What I am doing is challening you. Go out there and find out what it is that makes you get in touch. When you find it, you'll know. There's a sense of wonder, of innocence, of utter truth and is-ness. If you've already found that for yourself, post, and let us all know what does it for you, to help each other out on this quest we call life. We can all only take this thing one day at a time, but this feeling of "it" of is-ness, of truth, is as transcendental as any psychedelic experience to me.

    Maybe I'm just a crazy guy too much caught up in fancies and generations gone by, but if what I've written strikes a note with you, then go for it, find IT, because it's the most rewarding experience you'll ever have.

    Have a good night
  2. yes yes yes. my IT moment is more complex. I want to take it all in, watch the mad ones. no nice beach for me, busy streets of New York not a care in the world...great
  3. yes, I love connect with nature, the stress just melts away.

    I also am fascinated with humans and human behavior. several times in my life when overly stressed I just took off and hitchhiked across the US. I love meeting new people and try to understand their perspective on life. It never gets old and helps me relate to my fellow humans in this natural condition we all share.

  4. yah I agree with you. Sometimes when I'msuper baked I just sit down with whoever I'm with, and like 2 of us will just observe everyone around us haha. Kinda like we're the croc hunter in the wild. Makes us feel like we're almost somewhat superior in our thinking, much like the feeling I get when I do shrooms or acid.

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