Super Cheap Vitamin B-1 to guard against transplant shock

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  1. Hello everyone! I just picked up a 1 GALLON bottle of "Western States Vitamin B-1" at Home Depot for $5. That is $35 less than "B-52" at my local hydro. According to the hydro store owner, a man with whom I have great respect and admiration, B-52 by AN is a near must have to defend against transplant shock. But, it runs for $40 for a 1 LITER bottle....ouch.

    My question is.......has anyone used Western States Vitamin B-1 to help their clones better adapt during their being transplanted? Did it work well, or did I waste my $5? The active ingredient is Thiamine Mononitrate.

    Any info is good info.

    Thanks for reading

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  2. Doing some quick Wikipedia and Google work, both products contain the SAME thing, vitamin B1. All Thiamine is is a water soluble form of Vitamin B compounds.

    So yea, it's safe to say that they're the same thing. But here's something to ponder, can you overdose your plants on vitamin B, similar to nutrients? And how much is too much or too little.
    I haven't found much relating to application of V. B to MJ plants either.

  3. I much is too much and how much is too little?????

    They give dosages for planting in soil for citrus trees and what not, but nothing on cannabis hydro.

    So.............anyone used this stuff???????????
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    I use for root growth and to lower transplanting stress.

    There's 2 ways I use it:

    Rooting of clones:

    I put the clones in a cup, directly in the dirt, and flood the 200ml cup with a solution of 10 drops of B1 and water. Works like magic.

    When it's dry, see Watering


    Imediately after transplantation and every 15 days thereafter I water the soil with 10 drop per liter of water. (That's 36 drops per galon).

    Once the plant shows vigorous growth, I stop using it. Usualy, I water it onde when transplanting, and another time, 15 days later. It should be rooted and growing by then.

    If you have a clone, and you want it to grow roots like hell, keep watering until it's rootbound and ready for transplantation.


    I have no scientific proof of this, except for the fact that I grow bonsai for over 6 years, and I also used this on clones, but if you overdo on the Vit. B, it will stress the plant and cause the yellowing of the leaves. That's your sign to take a break.

    I hope this helps.

    For Hydro:

    I've never done hydro, but I presume that if you give the plant the same ammount as stated earlier, you're fine. Keep a close look on the leaves.

    Also, I'm not really sure if this would work. B1 will quickly degrade when not kept under cooling and away from light. Mild temps (75 F) will give it some days lasting. But light will destroy it very quickly.

  5. You are the man! Thanks for the advice.
  6. Of course I have one of these bottles, I use it on my plant's whole life cycle. Just 1mL per gallon though :)
  7. And here we have some new good info! :D

    Thanks bro!
  8. B vitamin is a myth . don't feed it plants make it themselves in their leaves .. Can they even absorb it ?

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