Super Cheap Grow Tent Idea

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by tweakz, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Anybody ever see one of these and think about converting it to a grow tent? I was ordering stuff just now to make my own grow tent, when i came across this looking for a zipper!
    Just curious if anybody has ever tried to use one, lining it with panda film or mylar. Also how sturdy it is. Im assuming it could hold a fair bit of weight seeing that it is ment to hold tons of clothes!

  2. You sir are a genius. You know what? I'll be the guinea pig. Have to try this
  3. I would line it good with mylar or panda film. Its not air tight! Let me know how it works out and add some pics man
  4. I agree with the guy above, had I known these existed before I would have been in heaven. Buy some 2M Mylar and just sow it into it if you have to, or glue it on there. Cut a couple holes for air... nice find all around 
  5. I like your thinking just be careful I used to have one of these and it started leaning forward on me

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    Gonna have to cut ventilation, and electrical ports.

    ill bet that floor isn't waterproofed.

    Also its only 20 inches wide..... limits you you to one kind of hood if you're using an HID.

    If you gonthrough with this a DIY for us.....could be cool.
  7. perfect twkz..
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    I was thinking about isong one of these but really they dont seem ideal. For the price you still actually equip it as a grow box aswell so you gotta add all the prices for that and theyre sort of small so it limits you to not a great amount of space for the cash your paying.I made a tent out of an old greenhouse frame, it was good but struggled to hold the weight of the fans a bit which was weird.In the end I got 3 sheets of 50mm thick polystyrene 2.4m x 1.2m which worked out about £40 then made up a frame with some old batton I got for nothing then just cut the polystyrene to size of the frame. There you have a grow box thats insulated the exact size you want it and purpose built for what you want it for. theyre pretty easy to make, I did mine in a day and that was struggleing about in the loft aswell so Id recommend it for sure, so much easier than converting a tent and probably cheaper too considering the wardrobe thing costs a fair bit in the first place. Im just gunna use expanding foam to fill any little cracks and wa la.Sent from my LT15i using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. My friend has one of these for its intended purpose and its falling apart. Cheap material, plastic/aluminum supports.

    Definitely not durable
  10. I wound up ordering pvc corners and makin my own out of pvc piping 3/4" and mylar taped to the frame. Wound up building a carbon filter last night, just need to get a fan now to make up for the heat it traps inside. Ghetto rigged something for now, but its working as intended. Odor and light leaks like crazy due to fact i cant close door with no fans! 

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