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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by meowmicks, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Was at harbor freight the other day doing some last minute x-mas shopping and i came across some real cheap stuff that can be used for DIY stuff.
    1st thing that caught my eye was this ghetto drip irrigation kit, comes with 100ft of soft black hose which is perfect to use for airline, it also comes with 14 tee's and a bunch of other stuff but this is the only things i used.

    They also have fountain pump which will work perfect for DIY cloner.

    Drip Irrigation Kit

    Figured i'd make my 1st post a useful one. Hopefully this helps someone.
  2. Harbor Freight is a great place to get a lot of things. That drip kit is a decent one considering the ones like it are usually $20 each. The pumps are about the same price as all the ones you can find on Amazon. I don't know this brand they are selling so would rather get a hydro farm from Amazon for the same price group =).

    Another thing to look at is the grommet kits they have there. They are great for making home made bongs.

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