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  1. Alright. Well recently I've been thinking of growing my own weed. Now the problem is, right now I can't afford to really put any money into it at all, so every penny saved is vital. I'm looking at strains at the minute, and I want to try and buy 1 or 2 feminised seeds of whichever strain I choose, ideally something that can be hidden relatively easily when grown outdoors in the wild.

    So here's the basics:
    - I'll either just be using normal soil, or Miracle Gro
    - I will be testing the soil to see if it needs watering, but as I live in the UK, it's likely that nature will do that part for me :)
    - I will be able to check on the plants most days, access is not a problem
    - I do not have a spot to plant them yet, and I haven't decided on a strain. Looking for some tips here :)

    Any specific tips for a first time grower? Strains? Etc

    This is the site I'm looking to buy from:
    Cannabis Seeds - Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds

  2. if its your first time growing (excpecially outdoors) and u have 1 or 2 plants, they will probably die. Im on my first outdoor grow nad my first 30 died from one reason or another. No matter how many hours you spend reading here, there is some stuff you just won't learn until you fuck up
    You should really atleast buy:

    perlite, or sand if you are really cheap, to mix with soil for drainage
    high quality neem oil from a hydro shop
    diatamaceous earth

    and i really reccomend you go to barnes and nobles or borders and buy a growing book... one book can be tons of help. I've learned more from my 100 page book than i hav e from god knows how much time reading growing forums
  3. it all depends on the person som ppl just have a natural green thumb.. my first time around i planted 2 bagseeds 4 weeks apart from each other. and got a harvest on halloween and thanksgiving :hello: i started late but still got a oz from each girl

    in merical grow moisture control potting soil ans 12" pots
  4. Yeah. I'm not expecting anything from it. If it sprouts I'll be happy, if it grows for a few weeks, I'll be happier. If I get bud from it, I'll be very very happy! :p

    I've decided to only buy one seed for the first grow, but my next grow will be 10 or 20 seeds, and will either happen this autumn or next year.

    I'm currently looking at buying:
    1x Feminised Cheese from Cannabis Seeds - Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds

    I've heard great things about the site and the seeds that come from it. I also know Cheese is a favourite over here in the UK, a relatively easy grow, and a nice smoke.

    Oh, as for my spot, I have a bunch of spots that would be good, they're not very remote in terms of how far from my house they are, but in terms of who goes there, you could detonate a nuke without anyone noticing :p

    Sound good to you guys?
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    The website seem like it's a rip off. $5-$20 for one seed?

    May I recommend these seeds? They are great for beginner and it's cheap (you get 10 seeds).

    KC Brains

    If you want a huge yeild, go for TNR. You might need a axe to chop it down.

    Or go for northern lights.

    You can try to get manures for free. Ask any farmer with cow, horses, or chicken. Compost is also very good and free/cheap.
  6. Some of the single seeds are as cheap as £1 per seed. From people I know who've bought from there, I've never heard of a single seed that hasn't germinated, the delivery is fast and discrete, and the people running the site are really friendly.

    Remember I am looking at feminised seeds. If you look at the feminised seeds on the site you linked, the prices are little different from the ones on the site I linked. Some are cheaper, some are more expensive. I've heard a lot of bad things about KC, and I'm pretty new to the Cannabis community, so that's quite worrying.

    Feminized Seeds

    Also, like I said, I only want to buy 1 or 2 seeds (I decided on 1), due to trying to keep the costs for this project pretty much non-existant, and Pick & Mix Seeds is one of, if not the only reliable site for selling single seeds in the UK.

    Thanks for the tips though, you made me decide to take some more time to look at the different strains, as I need to find one with maximum yield potential, and that grows well outdoors with little aid.

    White Widow looks good, I was pretty sure it was £8 or £9 for a single seed, so I'd previously ignored it, but I've checked and a feminised seed is only £4.72, which is cheaper than I've seen on most sites, where 10 white widow seeds tend to go for around £55-60.

    Anyway, my only real concern at the minute is what strains I can grow now. I know that if I plant Low Ryder it'll survive well in British weather and I should have bud by August if the grow is successful, but the lack of feminised seeds for Low Ryder being available on Pick & Mix Seeds, and the lower yield have put me off a bit. Most outdoor strains suggest september/october is the best flowering time, but I am ideally looking for something that will be finished by mid august (My birthday ;D). Any ideas? :)

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