SUPER BOWL (after week 2)

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by IfutureI, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. Even though its early who looks like Super Bowl material ?

    Gimme Indy
  2. way to early to tell. but i'm gonna go with my colts like i do every year.
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    Flacco vs. M. Ryan for the superbowl..
  4. not really a prediction, but I think

    Saints V.S. Jets would be a good matchup
  5. That would be a hell of a game right there...
  6. Throwin it down Saints vs Kimbo "Pittsburgh" Slice super bowl!

    but on the real though the NFC is looking like a power this year
  7. Colts/Eagles
  8. saints all the way
  9. Broncos vs 49ers
  10. lol !!
  11. Saints/Ravens are looking pretty good as of right now.

  12. ohhh hell yes my man. colts = life
  13. Its too early to say definatly.. My team is the patriots because I live in New England.. but this year is definatly up for grabs... dont count pittsburg out!

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