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Super Blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ScrewdUp420, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. I wana see the biggest blunts uve rolled and or smoked. my biggest was a 6 g blunt full of Blueberry Kush
  2. This was the biggest I've smoked to date. 16g on 420 2007.

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  3. I haven't smoked any exceptionally large blunts but some friends of mine rolled a 1oz blunt of mids. They got some pics on their myspace but its private so I can't share it.
  4. damn wats in dat mofo
  5. Hahha I wish I could remember man. I got so baked and it was so long ago I forgot :laughing:
  6. haha i feel u bro
  7. it was dirty mids
  8. At senior week me and some friends rolled up a zip of KB which was the most I've ever put into a blunt, but the best was the next night when we rolled up a three-quarter ounce blunt of Sugar Shack. That shit burned for like four hours.
  9. biggest blunt i ever smoked was 8 or 9 grams but unfortunatly i didnt get a picture of it
  10. Smoked an ounce out of a super blunt. Pretty ill, no pics though.
  11. i smoked a 10g blunt with some gangster mids in it.. talk about a hellavua high
  12. biggest blunt was 14g in a 4 swisher extendo(yeah i know no superwrap) the roach was dripping and then we put it in the bong and it cloged the bowl the rest of the day.
  13. the bigest blunt ive ever smoke weigth about 10.5 grammes had 7 grammes of some of the best bud ive ever smoke and 3.5g of black hash witch was my friends lol.

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