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Super Blunts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by VictoryUsername, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Anyone ever seen any special blunts?
    Big blunts, hash blunts, keif blunts, anything crazy?
    Whats the best blunt you've rolled?
    Post em up
  2. kief blunt and a 7g packed dutch master sorry no pics
  3. Ounce blunt 4/20. Multiple 7 g + blunts through-out the year. Oowops.
  4. ye ...i seen the super blunt blunt friend showed me it....its huge....u can roll like whole ounce in it...its like a foot long and really wide.
    i didnt get to smoke it though...he just showed me it.
  5. blazed an O of some dank dank in one night, had 17 seperate blunts, one or two being at least 7g. numerous 6g blunts on the walk to school with the homies. shit gets pretty crazy.
  6. #6 Hashmouf, Aug 22, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2008
    I have all kinds of threads with, Hash blunts, B-legits and Mummies.....Should I post the links?

    couple pics


  7. yeah bro, for sure.
  8. I had the super blunt this past 4/20 ill have to find the pictures but yea i dont know how much it can hold i think we used about 12 grams
  9. I've done the dutch before, some kids up at school call it "Gotti'ing". It was ridiculous to say the least.
  10. Put two blunts together and rolled them up into one.
  11. we rolled a big ass stress blunt once
  12. done it. and loved it. blazed as shit.:D:D
  13. I used a superblunt wrap. They taste hella good we put a quarter of that fire in it and i was so high i couldnt move.

  14. haha yup thats what we refer to it as too.
  15. [​IMG]
    1/2 oz Superblunt!!! not coned either!
  16. at the end of school last last year we rolled up a headies and hash blunt with a grape dutchie some jack herer, snow cap, some sour diesel, and some sweet hawiian skunk....shit was tasty
  17. Love them, they are the best for spc. occ. I;ve smoked to with lil over 14g's in each. They do you nice and smoke for ever if you roll em nice and tight...;):smoking:
  18. quarter of hindu kush and a juicy jay blueberry super blunt June 3/2008 at 6am in the morning (last day of highschool had an all nighter and at 6am was just the right time) i rolled up some of the fluffy stanky danky calmbaked my buddys red caravan mini van with 5 peeps and shit the rest is history haha

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