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  1. Yesterday my friend invited me to smoke with her so I did. It was fine but then I was just kind of like detaching and everything was bubbling and fuzzy and it was really weird and I couldnt stop it or control it. At this point I felt like I was going to die. It's hard to describe the actual feeling but it was awful. Then I was talking to my friends and the same thing kept happening over and over again. Like fifty times in a huge loop. Then I was fine for a little bit and then the next thing I remember was that I'm gasping like I could barely breath and they're like 'woah do you want us to take you home?' All concerned and I was disoriented and freaking out. I actually felt like I had just been paralleled back into the room because I honest to god don't even remember what happened. I just remember that I suddenly could see my friends again. So then we go to leave, and I forget who I am. and who my friends are. I literally break out into a panick and I start yelling at my friends because I didn't know who they were. So I keep saying 'who are you where am I?' and I almost didn't get in the car with them And halfway home I'm like 'what the fuck is going on' because I realized I was just high as hell. Then I got home and every time I picked up my phone I got really tense and it was just a really weird to describe feeling I got. It didn't go away until I slept it off. But even now I still feel weird vibrations in my body and my head feels weird and I just feel sick. I can't describe the body feeling part very well but it isn't pleasant. I smoke 3-4 times a month and it's usually a good amount when I do. I have no idea what may have caused this to happen, do you have any ideas?
  2. Jeez what strain were you smoking? I want some of that shit! No seriously though it was probably laced
  3. I have a couple of theories on what it could be:
    1. Your weed was laced with PCP (very unlikely)
    2. You had a mad anxiety attack because you got too high
    3. You have a predisposition to mental illness (schizophrenia for example) which smoking weed has exacerbated.
    4. Your weed was mouldy or it was sprayed with some shit like pesticides or whatever
    Number 2. is most likely. Just chill out and listen to some music next time.
  4. I've had anxiety/really bad acid reflux while high and it felt like I was going to die man. I didn't even realize what the problem was I got so high. 
  5. I think the panic thing is most likely but when I think about it and read other people's panic/bad trip stories, I think otherwise. Because there was a period of time when I was absolutely not even in the room. I was not in my body. I don't have any memory of what was happening or going. And then suddenly it was like I just teleported back into the room. Also I asked my friends what I had been doing and they said I was just staring at the ceiling. I think if it was laced with something else, the reason they didn't react is because it's something they always smoke. But I still have no idea. I'm still freaked out and feeling weird.
  6. Would help me alot if you answer this question.
    Is this the first time smoking the "Thing"? or have you smoked it before? im talking about the thing your friends always smoke.
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    It was my first time smoking the stuff they smoke. I don't know where they got it or anything they just kept saying 'this is really good stuff we get it all the time'
  8. Yeah it just as i suspected, dont worry it all good now, the thing wasnt laced or anything like that, alot of peoples have this same problem the first time they smoke it for the first time including me.
    Samething happened to me the first time i smoked it, and i only took 1 hit and i got really messed, withing a few seconds it kicked in, and the problem is it quite sneaky, next thing i know my vision was blurry, i couldnt stand straight, or walk by myself, i had to hang on my brother to bring me back home, because i had no idea of what was going on at the time.
    It like i didnt even exist, when my brother was taking me back inside the house for a few seconds i would know that we are walking home, and the next few seconds it like i didnt even existed, my conscience was gone, and in 5-6 seconds my conscience would come back, and next thing i know my brother and i are climbing the stairs, and im like "did we just teleported here?" he would talk to me, and i couldnt respond normally, i remember i kept forcing him to take my keys to open the when i realized that i was constantly going to lose and regain my conscience, and during that time i could hear him say dont worry the door is open keep your keys in the background, but yet i was still forcing the key on him. 
    It also gives panic attacks, luckily for me i was so stoned that my mind couldnt stay focus on something for more than 3 seconds, so my heart was beating faster, but i didnt get paraniod thoughts like i was going to die, because even if i had thought about that, the next few seconds it wouldnt be on my mind no more lol, yeah that how stoned i was, i was too stoned to even think about shit.
    But my advice is dont smoke it anymore, do some research about it and you will see what i mean, i know i will never smoke it again.
    And dont worry, after today you wont feel it anymore.

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