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  1. Would it be possible to use an air compresser (with a regulater and filter) to run a bunch of bubble buckets?
    Has anyone tryed this or have a theory on the subject?:rolleyes:
  2. hahaha.... thats an interesting idea....

    theoretically.... you know, yah, i think it might work.... if you can regulate the pressure coming outta the compressor good enough, you should be able to do it!!...

    dunno if it would work with just 1-2 buckets...

    but if you had 5-10 buckets, it really might just power them all (+ more, depending how badass your compressor is)

    but yah, idk, i think it would work..... try and set it up and let us know!!

    that'd be a cool expierment. i got a buddy with a badass air compressor, that puppy could power like 50 buckets, hahaha.
  3. Well I was thinking of using 30 40 gal containers and having 3 of those 5inch round air stones in one container. I would probly be doing 6 plants each in their own container.
    So I guess once I build stock in what im doing now I think I might try it!:hello:
  4. too much pressure and i would think it would wear down the air stones too fast. my biggest concern would be the constant running of a compressor. i would think ur gonna be running ur compressor pretty much non stop cause thats a slew of air stones. thats a lot of noise and a whole lot of wear and tear. which in turn means ur gonna need a corkscrew compressor. and ur not going to find one of them for less than a grand. plus ull probably need pressure regulators at each bucket if u think about it. ur not going to be able to run 90 plus air stones and have them all putting out air without having some of them pumping out 3 to 4 times as much air. which means ull be going through air stones rather quickly. and the ones ur talking about arent cheap.

    i know thats all kinda mixed up. but im just typing it out as i think of the issues. just seems like there are too many variables and that means a lot of extra work. i would just buy individual pumps too run each bucket. would cost about the same. last a whole hell of a lot longer. and be waaayyy less of a headache. that much noise = security issues. the last thing u want is to be worrying about a pissed off neighbor knocking on ur door at 3 am or a cop because of noise pollution..
  5. I would say the compressor would fail eventually due to cycling on and off too much...not to mention the noise factor(cheap compressors are extremly loud)

  6. They make good industrial compressors that do exactly what you are looking for. They are expensive but already come with a regulator and are silent. Cycling on and off is what compressors and motors are meant to do. If you don't exceed the duty cycle, then you don't exceed the limitations.

    You'll want one with a high duty cycle, like 60-80% I assume (maybe even 100%?), although I've never done bubble buckets.
  7. Wow These are all good points, But I have a good air compresser. Im also a legal grower so no prob with the cops and live in a farm area so noise really isnt trouble eighter.
    I was looking at a cheap habor frieght compresser for $100 with a 2 yr guarnty so if it breaks I could just bring it back no prob.:p
    Two of those should power 6 containers and if one broke I could leech one on all of them until I get it exchanged.
    I like the idea of having a regulater on every container:hello: Thats a good point.
    I would have to run a test on an airstone to see where its "breaking point" is when i do I'll post it!:D
  8. Seems like 2 commercial air pumps would work better...I dont trust anything from harbor frieght...just a bunch of junk. No reason to reinvent the wheel man.

    Either way you go, hope it works out for you,
  9. Pet stores use small regenerative blowers (which are basically a compressor head without a tank) to feed WALLS of aquariums. I have to agree with the above poster as I think even a small compressor would be overkill for 6 buckets. My limited DWC experience lead me to buying a double outlet airpump for each 5 gal bucket, but for redundancy, each pump feeds a single line to each of 2 plants and each plant is fed by 2 pumps.
    If you do continue with the compressor, I'd very much like to hear how it all works out.
    Good luck.


  10. come on now, harbor freight sells a really good philips head screwdriver. guaranteed to last long enough to strip out on the second use.

    pet shop.... good idea. most of the time, if u find a mom and pop fish store, they have really crude setups that are visible to the customer. id run by and talk to some of them on how they work theirs.
  11. you can not use a normal air compressor for a supply air respirator due to the oil it puts in to the air supply. I would not use one for a DWC because I do not think the plants would like the oil either.
  12. Ummm, that's not entirely true. There are PLENTY of units that don't use oil. Honestly, I believe that the bulk of compressors sold these days are oil-less.

  13. I would diffantly Used a main filter and then a filter per a bucket.
    The only reason I said harbor frieght ( of course their stuff is cheap junk:rolleyes:) But It would be good for the test. if you pay a lil extra they trade you out for a new piece of junk one for two years. as many times as you need belive me.
    Man my spelling sucks!:eek:

  14. not the bulk, but there are some. and it is important to add oil to the tank of the compressor to prevent rust. moisture in the air will rust out a tank. hence the reason they stick in a drain at the base of the tanks. no biggy though.

    today, i had to run my mother to the hospital for a doc appointment, low and behold there was a pet store next door. did some hunting around in there and got some info on the system they use for aeration. personally, i like this idea, i just didnt think it would be worth the effort until the fish tank thing was mentioned. im going to do some research online and post my findings. ive been trying to figure out a "near maintenance free" bb system to upgrade to for some time. and supplying air to a myriad quantity of buckets has always been the main reason i havent done it.
  15. Hey hey Now we're getting somwhere, :hello: Lett us know what you find Im going to have to check out a pet store my self!
  16. :hello:Nice!!! Thats what I'm talking about!!:hello:
    Good work mr Flannery!

  17. lol. yah, im liking this more and more. im looking at it from a different angle. the regular two outlet sunleaves air pump which is what i figure needs to be used for one of rumples bubble buckets produces 71 gallons per hour of air. i found this.... Pondmaster - Supreme - AP-100 Oxygenation Pump for Ponds - Air Pump for Koi Ponds . its kinda the same thing i guess, not quite as commercial. but it comes with its own air diffuser that has 33 outlets. and that just so happens to be the number of rumples buckets that it will supply air for.

    9150 cubic inches of air per minute.
    9150 (cubic inches) = 39.6103896 US gallons (google)
    40*60= 2400 gph /71 (sunleaves) = 33.8

    so this thing for 200 bucks is pretty much plug in and ready to roll. just need 33 splitters to run two small stones in each bucket. and of course the 3/16id hose.

    i dont know how deep the the things will pump but the thing is rated for a 10'depth if ur using one 3/4" id hose.

    the rebuild kit for this is 12 bucks.
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    They also have one on that website for $259.00 and it powers 300 insted of 40.:eek:
  19. I'll be following your progress with interest guys. I haven't played with buckets since ~ 2001 :D My prior experience is all with stand-alone buckets but I'm plumbing the new ones together and will run a small recirc~ pump.


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