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    Feel free to use this Method and modify. All I ask is that you ensure for the rest of my life I am smoking GOOD...Really good...Weed...Dank...

    Trickroller's Methodology for SUPADANK (theory)

    You should know how to grow a successful hydroponic grow. Make these additions to boost THC %

    1. 10 species of predatory insects separated from each other and from plants only by a largish fine mesh fabric or material that can transmit vibrations or ideally amplify these vibrations by the insects wings and stuff. The point is to let plant feel insect' presence to produce more thc without having the insect pollinate or eat or attack the actual plant but still be in its presence.
    2. Periodic and irregular Eddy currents in the air above the trees by small air sprinkler thingys. To simulate that something is wrong in the environment. This should not be done continuously but at Regular or periodic intervals timed with the insects most times. To scare more thc out of plant
    3. Water supply shared with predatory insect make sure I sect can't get to plant but also have direct contact with the hydroponic water
    4. Have audio of very happy bob Marley and nature songs play with a heavy bass speaker and have the vibrations transmit through the air and the water a bit. Maybe not all the time. Not too rough either. Have audio synced at times with the light intensity. To vary the thc produced in some way since we assume it is being produced continuously. Keep overall light intensity constant during this exercise at the ideal/regular intensity
    5. Introduce a couple of predators of the plant's (predatory insectS) to send them into a panic and hence by chain reaction the plants which should produce more thc
    6. Introduce male plants to share the water supply and be sequestered otherwise and continually traumatized the male plants in a variety of ways in order to induce MORE out of the females (ɑs they will have to evolve to meet the NEW DEMANDING conditions and do more...) AID and robustness and other...

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  2. Research the effects of UV light on the cannabis plant.
  3. Doesn't A plant get UV Light

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  4. Outdoors it does, but not in HID and most LED lamps...
    A lot of professional growers add UV lights to their gardens...
  5. Just buy the best genetics you can find and grow like everyone else does. This "theory" shit is a waste of time.

    The path is well worn. There's no need to make it more complicated for no reason whatsoever.

    Besides, everyone knows that playing Bob Marley won't work. You need some speed metal for fast, lush growth.

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