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Supa Chronic Crackers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by samantha420, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. thats kinda gay, why would you want to eat a burnt nasty ass cookie when you can smoke a nice fat joint or bowl...you know your addicted when you just need to get high. try enjoying the taste, smell and the social fun.

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  3. id try it. its only a half gram
  4. those had to be the funniest directions.. "When the herb cooks, the THC is absorbed by the peanut oil... Or something like that." haha
  5. your stoned dude, theres nothing funny about that :|
  6. would it atcully work? i'd try it out, only a half a gram
  7. well yeah it would prolly work, but why waste all the time and peanut butter to do it, roll a fuckin joint and smoke it you bastards
  8. ^^^

    Because smoking weed and eating weed produces two different highs. Some people prefer one over the other.

  9. It's funnybecause your takin directions from this guy and he doesn't even know what it actually does..

  10. so you want to eat a dry burnt cookie opposed to something good like banana weed bread, or anything NOT BURNT!!
  11. is that yellow thing a vibrator????
  12. hahaa yea its a vibrator, in the directions he says to use it while your waiting for you cookie to cook, HAHGAHA
  13. i think its a girl that came up with it lol
  14. you dont have to cook it at 375. you only need about 250
  15. ^^
    I was thinking that was way too hot myself.. Intresting idea nonetheless..

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