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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HerbsX, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. Just wondering whether or not it is normal to randomly get/feel high. I smoked last saturday, and friends say I was feeling/acting pretty "goofy" in my classes today. (It didn't hit me till I was at school.)

    Any thoughts? Has this ever happened to you?
  2. Naw dude, if you smoked on sat you wouldnt be feeling any effects from it today. It was either in your head or caused by something else
  3. You're a goof...

    For posting this thread.
  4. happens to me too , im pretty sure its just cause the weed is still in your system and it just comes back up lol idk shit happens to me though so your not alone on this
  5. Thats not how weed works in the body, the body begins breaking down the THC as soon as it enters the blood stream. Within a few hours all the THC has been broken down into its various byproducts (called THC metabolites) that remain in your body for as long as a few months depending on how often you smoke. THC metabolites dont effect the brain, so there is no way you were high at all
  6. Spontaneous endogenous DMT release, happens all the time, keep your 3rd eye open, don't drink public tap water!!!!!!

  7. okay?

  8. Yeah man, shit happens lol

    Anyway, to the non-believers who have PHDs in the field of bio-chemistry, it wasn't an intense high; it was more of a buzz. Physically, my eyes were extremely red and I was a little light headed. Other than that I could control nearly everything that I was saying, but I couldn't maintain an actual conversation because I kept forgetting what the hell we were talking about/from time to time I would meander off into a completely different topic. I feel/look like this all the time when I work out too, so if any of you people with medically inclined professions feel like providing an explanation for that, then I'm all ears. If you failed out of high school and just feel like being a low-life asshole, then shut the fuck up.
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    Damn bro I was tryin to be somewhat helpful and informative with a half jokin answer, I don't see any reason to get too offended.

    alot of people can't handle DMT, if its too strong, don't live I guess haha or don't dream

    edit: in all reality is was probably more caused by your daily metabolism starting from when you first ate after you woke up, coupled with various extraneous factors,(exercise, mental anguish, ingesting lsd, thinkning)

    being fucked up is brain chemistry man, don't look for answers everywhere, just find them
  10. #10 HerbsX, Feb 2, 2011
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    I assume DMT is some other narcotic, which has nothing to do with this topic. And the "offended" part of my post was more directed to the pot-head med-students, if there really is such a thing. I wouldn't really trust anyone who confidently spews such information on these boards.

    Edit: Okay, now that we've established the probable causes by listing such factors, has anyone ever experienced such a phenomena? You know what, fuck it, the threads ruined. I'm unsubscribing and probably not going to reply. I should have reworded the initial post better, so I'm not blaming anyone other than myself.
  11. Well then you shouldn't ask for any information whatsoever, because in addition to the assholes, are people who are somewhat intelligent and helpful, like myself, who just want to be helpful and sometimes crack a joke

    I also know PHD's on this forum that would be glad to help you, however THC metabolites such as TCHOOH are in fact non psychoactive
  12. #13 KushtopherIII, Feb 2, 2011
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    Easy there tiger. I dont have a PhD in Bio-Chem but I did major in it as an undergrad before heading to med school this fall. All im trying to say is that MJ isnt what is causing those effects! idk what is, sounds like a stroke to me :) haha jk dont attack me! We just dont want you to scare anyone away from the herb cause you are forgetful
  13. lol another double post but looks like i was exactally who this dude was trying to ask! and believe me, there is no shortage of pot head med students
  14. hahahaha buuuuurn

    theres no shortage of aspiring stoner organic chemists (pyschologists/neurobiologists) either

    and theres even more people who just like to learn and stuff haha

  15. Are you pretty new to smoking? If so then I'm pretty sure that you just had some placebo effects, which were fueled by your friends. If your new to smoking then some of the feelings of being high will be new to you. (things like euphoria etc etc.) So you maybe were just experiencing some natural euphoria?? :confused:

    This is hard to explain but I think you can get what I mean.

    Source: Highschool
  16. It doesnt take a PHD to know that the effects wear off within a few hours after use.
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