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  1. Sup im the newgal and i have only smoke about a dozen times ever and i only started in June.

    My thing is i am the typical none druggie student who is loved by adults and administrators all over town and school. I have a reputation that would really suck if it got tainted. So i was never asked by my pot smoking classmates to join in on the fun, so i finally stuck my neck out to an old fam friend and he became my kinda dealer.

    Well I only know the stuff i learn in movies none of my friends do it except when there at my house... so i need to learn on my own everything i can.

    So help me out here. So far i have made and used a sobe bong sucessfully. But i want to make a big homemade one asap because i have some of my friends comming over and all of us newbies are gonna have a rad time smokin' and watchin grandmas boy and Finding Nemo... Any good movies to watch when you stoned?????

    Anyways i have some questins.... how do i branch out and find real dealers who know whats up... like diff strains and shit.

    I want to know what the best strands to cook with are?
    How to mix the plants to make the diff strands when growing? (i have a family member with a med mj card)
    Whats the best shit for newbies?
    Just tips and shit..



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