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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by InferiorWang, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. hey, I'm new hear. I'm usually a drinker, sometimes a smoker. Can anyone help me with an average price for some decent dope? I usually bum off friends and give them something in return later. Well, peace. I gotta go back to studying physics instead of surfing the net. Damn college.
  2. Welcome to the city.....I pay about 30-35 dollars an eighth
  3. Welcome to the City!
  4. I can get a half oz of reggie for 40 round here.

    welcome to the city ;D
  5. hey welcome, here in Mesa, Arizona, the prices are average i guess u could say... wish they were lower though... anyways i pay 80-90$ for an ounce... not bad i guess....
  6. I was able to get and 1/8 or so for $20. A little harsher smoke than what I'm used to, but a very deep high.
  7. welcome tot he city friend. :)

    some of us pay nothing.

    then sometmes we buy $40 eights.



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