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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gaba, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. thought i'd introduce myself i've been planning to move to california this year but i hear the state is in terrible shape atm so what is going on anyone in cali can let me know? Is the ship sinking or what?
  2. man im feeling the luv here
  3. sup bro welcome to GC.

    and where the fuck did you hear that?
    and what specifically do you mean?
    cause the buds there are amazing as ever...
  4. in the news the state is going bankrupt from what i have been reading
  5. yea i heard people arent getting their tax refund
  6. IOUs for the state win.

    Hmm... how long will capitalism with fiat money be legitimate? :p

    Probably as long as people are still wondering if they have a choice... just my two cents.

    Greetings gaba! :) Join us in S&P.
  7. damn my double bubble just broke luckily it was easy to glue back togethor and not any part where i'd get poisoned
  8. Hows it goin? New here too. Yeah man, everything is pretty peachy over here.
  9. cool i'm looking for a place to live but san fran area is crazy expensive and socal is too

    dunno i might have to live in a park for a while unless i can find a room mate lol

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