Sup peeps

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Omicidio, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. How goes it all, this is my first post. Figured i'd say hi and yea so... Hi...
  2. Hey welcome to grasscity this place rules you'll have all you need to know on this site, so enjoy!

    Peace and happy tokin!
  3. thanks, I'm addicted to this place after one night... Well off to bed.
  4. its very addicting

    *looks around*



  5. Welcome to stoners paradise!
  6. hi dude. feel free to walk around, but be warned, you may come up upon people actually willing to help, talk, exihbit, etc etc..

    oh, and whatever you do

    {an eyebrow rises}


    {lights somehow grows dimmer}


    {lightning scorches the skies]

    to Pandora's Box.

    {thunder shatters your ears}
  7. hummm ...
  8. if a guy named obliviot tries to give you candy... dont accept, he wants to touch yer funny places.. mabey not... he could just be wanting to give people candy... but who knows!?!
  9. You caught me Gri77oN, that was my second post :p

    And to late on the Pandora's box
  10. Hey wats up? What's Pandoras box?

    Peace and happy tokin
  11. One of the forums.
  12. Ha ha whats in it?
  13. Check it out and you'll see. Padora's box cannot be explained it must be experienced err something like that :p
  14. Note to self;

    Got it :p
  15. u'll have lots of good toker times on this site

    i kno i have lol

    welcome from a fairly new member herself

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