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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by freakofnature, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Sup everyone,
    Figured I stop buy and introduce myself, since you'll be seeing me a lot more often. I just made my first cannabutter bar, and I'm very excited to use it. I don't know what to make with it yet, I'll figure something out lol. I used 7 grams decent shake, a 8th of very dank Sour D, and a bar of butter. Its a very dark green, don't know if thats good or not lol.

    Anyways, if you're wondering about my avatar, then yeah, the first thing that crossed your mind is most likely true, but I'm not here for that. But if anyone else has the fetish, just know you're not alone :p:p:p

    Any ideas of what I should make with this cannabutter?
  2. Welcome, I think you should make oatmeal cookies. Why? Because I like them.

    Good luck, may your edibles deliver you to higher places.

  3. Welcome, honestly I'm a pretty simple person and would just do a good old fashion batch of brownies....maybe it's because I just like chocolate chocolate bars could work too..
  4. Guys.............................
    I'm so done right now.
    I made peanut butter cookies. I guess they're really called "canna-peanut butter cookies"..hehe
    I've never felt this kind of high before. My body feels crazy.
    I smoke a lot, but never ate edibles before, this is my first ;)

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