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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by RuffRat, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Yo dudes, im new to this forum (as you can tell)

    been smoking weed of all diffrent kinds, for about 1 1/2 years now.

    then i realised i only have ever smoked a bong once!

    so i went looking for how to make one, im a cheapskate and dont buy stuff liek that well i will one day,

    so i found rthis site, i looked at some of the pics of that white widow, i nealy had a whitey looking at......

    so please be nice to me, and help me D:
  2. yeah well,

    im not in a fit state to describe it that well so bear with me ;)

    my mates had wha tthey called a "pipe"

    a 2L bottle cut in half, plastic bag taped to bottem,

    but what do you do to the lid (bottle top) to make all the smoke go into the bag and bottle>?

    also this forum is great, lovin it
  3. what about the bowl?! hehe...youll figure it out..
    I cant, i can but we'd have to start from scratch..have you seen your buddies "pipe"? :D
    welcome to the city!
  4. Welcome to the city Ruf!

    And what your talking about, sounds to me like a lung. You put the weed in the bowl (the part that would be on the cap, I'll get into it later), push the bag into the bottle, light the weed, and pull the bag down. The suction effect should pull the smoke into the bottle. Then you unscrew the cap, put your mouth over the top, and shove the bag in, forcing the smoke into your lungs. :)

    And for the bowl. You could buy a slide (has the bowl part, and a small downsteam) at a headshop, or build one out of household items. Some people mention using sockets from wrenches or whatever. But anyways, you'd take this slide, and make a hole in the cap of the bottle that it would fit perfectly in (you can always use hot glue or whatever to tighten the fit).

    That should sum it up for you, I guess.

    Hah, who knows. Hit me up with any further questions, and again, welcome to the city.
  5. Welcome to the city!

  6. yteah thats what it was, i took a hit on it and it was soo good!

    thanx for the info man

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