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  1. Hey guys - i've had a lot to think about lately and I know most posters on here are on point, so here goes:

    I recently developed a case of sleep's not a fun one, when I do get to sleep I get terrible nightmares so I usually just don't. I saw my doctor and he's run some blood tests and given me sleeping pills until he knows whats wrong. The pills are Restoril (temazepam). I try not to take them because although they put me to sleep they make me a zombie the next day, and I'm not crazy about pills in general.

    I know most people are just thinking "smoke weed br0", but its not really easy for me to do. I've smoked all my life up until ~ 6 months ago (the insomnia started 1-2 months ago). I have a girlfriend who I am very committed to who doesn't like smoking, which is the reason I stopped. I understand that smoking allows someone to deal with insomnia much better, but I do not want to ask my girlfriend for permission without first knowing thats my best option.

    tl;dr I have sleep insomnia and my GF doesn't like smoking, wat do
    inb4 whipped
  2. whipped.
  3. you like chrono trigger?

    Your sleep insomia is most likely caused by the sudden absence og weed in your life.
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    thanks for the advice bro! now i totally know what to do, youre awesome. youre the best, really. +rep


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  5. Yeah i do :p and its not - I only smoked socially a few times a week, and like I said, it stopped ~ 6 months ago and I was fine until now. My doctor actually ruled that out, I told him.
  6. My mom has insomnia in the worst way and all i can say is..relax your mind. Serioiusly cause if im all worked up about something itll take me forever to fall asleep. Deep breathing too player

  7. Yeah, its really hard to calm your mind down if you're always thinking about it. I never tried any of those breathing techniques or anything do they work?
  8. Teas help relax as well.
    If it bothers you that much, talk to your girl.

    But to be straight with you, it shouldn't really be up to your girlfriend. Remember, it's your insomnia, not hers. If toking up really does help you, then by all means do it. I'm sure she has some vices that you don't agree with, and you have some that she doesn't agree with as well... just add smoking to the list.

    Good luck.

    Happy Toking.

  9. Like what kind of teas? That's what I've kind of been leaning towards, but I don't want her thinking since I want to now that I've been doing it all along and I never stopped. She is on point herself, she's pretty understanding - do you think that'd work?
  10. Fuck your girl if weed helps you then use it, shes just your girl friend man not your master if she cant except you for who you are and on top of that doesnt want you helping yourself then she doesnt deserve you !

  11. I was going to give you advice until I saw this, try being a little nicer.. And maybe your girl should try being a little more open-minded but if you're not going to speak up you can't really complain either.
  12. These Eyes....(C'mon People, you know how it goes..)
  13. Just use any weed tea or Bhang recipe. Basically you boil your cannabis up and add some sort of oil (cream, butter...coconut milk is good) or you can boil it in milk, and add the milk to regular tea.:)
  14. I wouldn't let a girl dictate to me what I do with my life. Just saying. You can take it however you want, but that's my two cents worth.

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