Sup from CT

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Dr. Jekl, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. Sup grasscity,

    Been comin' here for the past year and I finally decided to become a member. Great info from all members and I really love the conversation.

    Noticed that most people from the west coast, i'm from good old connecticut on the east coast. If you're around here, hit me up.

    Peace and seein you all in the forums
  2. Dr. Jekl,

    Welcome to the best city on the Net!! Hang out, enjoy, and learn with us!!
  3. Thanks IndianaToker, as for everyone else, as I'm new to my little southwestern town, was wondering if anyone could help me out with some good connections. Havn't smoked in nearly two months :( and am really feeling the lack of it hitting me... sigh

    email me if you have anything, thanks a shitload

    peace and happy tokin'
  4. I'm from the west coast but go to school in CT now. I must say, it took me about a year to get a good connection, and during that time I thougt east coast weed really sucked. Of course, even the good shit doesn't touch good ol' Cali Chronic, but I have been pleasently surprised lately. I guess Vermont's good for something other than ice cream after all.

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