sup everybody, bangalore

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  1. Hey fellas. I'll be in Bangalore in a week :hello:. And have been scouring the internet for weed contacts for weeks :confused:. I like to plan ahead. I tried hash a couple of times because I didn't have access to sweet mj. So I'm pretty much looking for quality contact ;).
  2. I'm in Bangalore now bitches
  3. a whole week and i couldn't find shit
    are u kidding meeeeee!!!
  4. hey man. sorry to dissapoint ya. but not a big fan of it kandu. But somehow the south india source is close by(or maybe north (andhra)). Maybe the right contacts might help.
    Its not advisable to go around asking vendors.Autowallas are the best option but caution advised.. i had to travel a lot for bad stash..but its india.everything is around the corner :)

    *all info is collected on a word-to-word basis. May or may not reflect the entire truth.
  5. thanks for acknowledging my existence. Someone gave me a contact in Brookfields but the guy doesn't speak a word of English! and I'm in whitefield so everything is far.
  6. u shud grow it! a weather like bangalore shud get ur sticky out! :p(hope u got my metaphors)
  7. I know, if I could stay for a longer duration I would have. But I'm not sure I will. Unclear situation hence the weed to relieve the edginess.
  8. yeah practically doesnt add up.. well hope u still rnt dry...
  9. If anyone is gonna visit bangalore, let me know in advance.. I can get it for you.
  10. any news on the weed front ? I'm dry

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