Sup Blades and Bladies?

Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Just got home, and i thought i would check in. Anyways, all the gigs where awsome and it feels fuckin awsome to be chillin at home again. guys miss me:p

    congratz to the new mods im sure ur gunna do an awsome job.

    o....and there was more waffles,cheeseburgers, and waffle burgers than i knew what to do with:)

    good to be home blades and bladies:cool:
  2. welcome home waffle!!
  3. Welcome home mayne!!!!

    Glad the tour was fun and problem free.

  4. well sir... i wouldnt go so far as to say no problems lmao but it was good for the most part:)
  5. whats good waffle? how was your tour lets hear about it man details!! and yo check it...this morning i was eating a peacan waffle and i thought of you and wondered if you woulda thought it was up to par with your waffle standards....if i get another one ill take a picture so you can check out my waffle scene

  6. ill be glad to tell u cats all the details of my journey, in a few hours, i got the other bands, band practice now, we need some new shit for the show at the WB:D
  7. yep we miss you. you and your insacable appetite for waffles.

    trying to head out for some waffle burgers? lol
  8. nice dude, stay up
    btw who are the new mods? besides trikky, i seen that...congrats ya'll
  9. liquidtruth

    man, he is fuckin awsome, iv been waitin for him to be a mod, hes helped me through quite the mess and always has a lot to offer, deff. mod worthy

    anyways, what do u guys wanna know about my experiance?
  10. where did ya go? name some places

    and any good parties?
  11. you get some strange on your '' trip''/////??

    FUCK MY /////?? question mark aint working,,,:mad:
  12. well, not anywhere people would know, lotta small venues in CT, and ya deffinitly some partys man, i go almost totally straight edge on the road tho,i try and do my best dont want anything in my way ya know

    altho, i did smoke a few joints over the course of the trip


    dude, u already know the answer, cause im still celebit.

    back, chillin, gettin dank tomorrow yum.
  13. A waffle cheeseburger you say?? hmmmmm sounds good to me shit

  14. better have :devious:

    and enjoy the drink. i know i wouldn't mind some.
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    what, alcohol?

    na man, im not down for drinkin much. i stick to weed only
    i cant play hungover either
    i usally just have a pack of ciggs(i dont smoke just to keep joints in) with a few joints in it, and thats all i have other than my amp effects and basses

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