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  1. Shoulda did one of these things before I started posting...anyways...:rolleyes:

    Wassup, I'm a semi-seasoned (5 years strong) stoner chick. I love weed, everything about it, from just looking at it, to cooking with it, to of course smoking it. For a LONG time I've researched into growing it but b/c of my location it really wasn't an option. But I'm moving to a new spot in a few months and the backyard is lookin pretty nice and secluded so my operation will begin in about two months! :hello:

    I'm looking into either a DWC system or doing the Coco method, I'm using this time to really get some serious research done. I wanna start my garden on move in day lol! :D
  2. Good luck on the growing!

    Keep us updated.
  3. thanks man, I'll definitely start a journal!
  4. Where at in fl? And my garden is flourishing :d
  5. I'm like an hour from Mickey's house lol
  6. Haha I'm closer to 2hrs away
  7. are you an outside or inside grower? going the hydro way my biggest concern is the heat
  8. Outside no problems i have about 30-40

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