SunShine Mix#4 - Dolomite Lime Vs Encap Fast Acting Lime

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ZeroStr8, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. Please advise,

    Starting a new Grow and I found a bale of Sunshine Mix#4 (Soiless Mix), research says that the dolomite lime it contains is too litter and if I where to add more future PH problems would be practically eliminated.

    Here is the problem: I live in a third world country where Supplies are incredibly limited. Just finding a place the sells soilless mix or anything is rare (and I mean freaking rare) most stuff has to be ordered online and shipped over. I would like to add the dolomite lime but it would cost me around 60 dollars (4pound bag) for something I only need a couple of tablespoons. You can't even find Perlite here.

    I do have Encap Fast Acting Lime, but I saw somewhere that it acts too fast. Can I just add half strength or a quarter strength and then add more if requiered?


    It states 1 TBLSP for a 12 inch potted plant. I'm going to use 5 gallon Buckets how much should I use in any case and can i still use it?

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