Sunset Triangle

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    Everyone go outside 30-60 mins after sunset don't forget to look to the west! You will be able to see Jupiter and Mercury and Venus!

  2. Got my camera ready! Hopefully I'll be able to spot it. I've got lots of large trees in the way of the horizon, and I read that the triangle will be close to the horizon. 
    Sun set here 9 minutes ago so I'll know soon.
  3. how big a triangle at arms length? Coin, plate, umbrella?
  4. Damn trees  <_< missed it
  5. It was visible Friday and Saturday night where I'm at - though the triangle was bigger. Sunday was suppose to be the closest, but it was cloudy here though no big deal since I already saw it. Should be visible tonight and possibly tomorrow.
    Mercury was the last planet to check off my list of seeing all 7 observable planets with a telescope.

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