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    This is a little move called a SunRize

    SunRize- A SunRize is shotgun that is taken through a chamber created by either both right or left hands of the two participants. That is not all though, the shotgun starts from a kneeling position and must be taken consistently while the recipient slowly starts to stand from kneeling position.(Recipient must have eyes closed until they are standing up and ready to ex-hale their hit)

    >First you need yourself, a buddy, and of course a blunt
    >Then you and your buddy need to face each other and kneel down on one knee
    >Now with either your left or right hand you and your buddy will make the chamber(It doesn't matter which hand you choose to make the chamber with but your buddy must use the same hand)
    >once you have your hand picked out you and your buddy need to make the following hand sign provided in the link(okay in sign language)
    >once the previous step is done you and your buddy need to take the the three loose fingers you have and mesh them together tightly while you both keep your index finger on your thumb.(you should now have formed a sealed chamber with a hole on each side.
    >Now that this process is done the recipient puts there mouth to their side of chamber with there eyes closed
    >your buddy will then blow you a shotgun continuously through the chamber while you both slowly stand up (recipient must keep eyes closed and take as big as a hit you can take)
    >when the recipient is standing strait up you should keep your hit in for a slight second, then exhale and slowly open your eyes
    >If done right the lightheartedness/ head rush should cause you to slightly blackout your vision (even if your eyes are open) and your vision and light will slowly return..... kind of like a sunrise mmmhmm guess that's where the name came from.

  2. Does this work? Yes.
    Is it fucking dumb? Yes.
    This does work but its really not worth it. Like 4 years back I was in the woods with a couple kids and we were doing this "Sunrise" and one of em had a seizure. Kid blacked out, fell to the ground and started hitting his head on the floor. At the time I was like 16 so I just laughed my ass off (had no idea what actually happened).

    Anyways, moral of the story is don't do this. You will most likely do this regardless though. Be safe.
  3. Seizing when you black out like this is normal. I've seen it happen all the time in jiu jitsu class, some people seize up some don't. The most dangerous part is hitting your head if you fall down. I'm not saying it's safe, but it's a pretty normal reaction to blacking out from oxygen not reaching the brain. I know I've seized once from something like that and it was from playing the "pass out game" way back in junior high. I never seized like that from being choked out I always just blacked out and woke up with stars in my vision.

    So don't worry if you didn't know what was going on. Most people freak out when they see someone seize up for the first time from blacking out like that. It's basically you brain shorting out trying to send signals to your body to wake the fuck up. It can cause a stroke and you can go brain dead, but thats like uber-rare. Most people just seize up and then wake up. Things that can help are laying then back and lifting their legs to let gravity pull blood to the brain. Also rubbing the chest to bring more blood to their lungs, which in turn sends oxygen to the brain.

    WARNING: If you see them seize up with tongue out and their spitting stuff up put them on their side not their back so they don't choke. If this happens it's a serious reaction but usually not something that happens during this type of seizure.

    The normal seizure that happens when you do something like this should only be a bit of body and limb twitching they shouldn't be making faces with their tongue out.

    BTW we used to call this an elevator. Because you rise up like an elevator. Also we only did this to girls, because doing it with a guy is a bit gay, but I suppose just don't make eye contact... Just kidding if you're that close to your buddy just get married... I mean you're more comfortable with your sexuality than me.
  4. Thank you for the concern i could see how it be viewed as dumb, but for the time it got us away from the ordinary rituals of smoke. The day i seize up as a result of a SunRize the day i will put them away. But no matter what im gonna toke it strait to the dome

    -All Day Errry Day
  5. Just a suggestion start it from a laying position. Sit up then stand up, of course this is going to make it even more intimate so maybe find a girl for that one.
  6. Oh we dish it out to plenty of the ladies..... but as a fairly tall guy it is easier to call in a bro to do the job.... i mean the ladies just don't stand as High as i do
  7. That is a good idea but i think just a simple sit up might work..... thats just me though only a handfull of snatch can even blow a sufficient shotgun. I feel that the average girl would'nt make it all the way from the floor to standing..... This feat is an obtainable one but only BAMF Chicas could deliver.
  8. seems like wayy to much effort if i have a blunt im going to puff puff puff pass and then they puff puff puff pass and thats team work just go to the beach and watch the sunrise while you puff puff pass
  9. It does seem like alot of effort to someone who hasnt done it and read my long post but it really isnt. It takes a whole 10 seconds of your time............ but at the same time compared next to token it up on the beach yeah it is alot of work
  10. it makes you lightheaded though? thats the thing that sounds bad i just wanna smoke a blunt and get high not faint or pass out the blunt land on me and burn me while im blacked out lol

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