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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, been going out nothing yet Sureshot!! But it's coming that first salmon of the year.

    Just thought I'd poat a couple pics of around here (been awhile). This time of year Cruise Ships go by on there way to Alaska, ships coming in to dock to pick up lumber and Eagles fying everywhere it's a sight to see and one decade I'll get at least one of you to visit poor little ol' me in my paradise yet!!

    The Sunrises......the pictures are from the last three mornings.

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  2. HIGH All, I tried to put two together but it looks much better alone.

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  3. HIGH All, aaahhhhh much better eh!!! Some of the best Sunrises and sets are minutes away.

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  4. HIGH All, see the tugboat...he's going to meet a lumber ship and help it dock.

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  5. HIGH All, the ship it's going to dock. It looks like rain eh...but it cleared up and was sunny All day.

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  6. HIGH All, nothing like being in a canoe when these monsters cruise make you look so small.

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  7. Awesome!!! Those pics just gave me a bit of peace for the day. Obviously you reside in a little piece of Heaven there. Thanks so much for sharing!
  8. HIGH All, barge with Bald Headed Eagles sitting on it. This place we go to has hundreds of them flying, sitting All over the place. It really is something to see.

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  9. HIGH All, went berry picking yesterday and got mega...guess who's All Tuckered out while doing it *LOL*. Well that's it for now my friends.

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  10. Hey man, those are rad pictures. I just got home from work maybe 5 minutes ago, the wife and kid are still in bed, and I sat at my computer for a minute to check this place out and I saw your pictures. :)

    Those made my morning, thanks.

  11. That's a beautiful spot mang.

    You're a lucky man.

    How's it running?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for a fighter! Have fun Un.

    As an aside, did we have a conversation about fishing that i forgot when i was stoned or can an angler just spot another lurking?

  12. HIGH All, *LOL* sorry Sureshot it was packymac I was typing about and I guess I was thinking of you *LOL*.
  13. I'll warn the Mrs I have ANOTHER admirer. *laughs*


    Keep them reels a'screamin'.

  14. Damn that's a sweet home you got buddy!
  15. Looks like you got a little piece of Heaven there unoit!

    Thanks for sharing the pics :)

  16. HIGH All, *LOL* not that way my friend...I was probably thinking about you posting in the growing forums....admirer....*LOL* been faithfully married 23 years to wonderful lady who I love more than growing.

    Nothing like a 30 pound Chinook Salmon to get that reel a'screamin' Sureshot.

    Tight Lines Friend!!!
  17. I caught a 25 pound striper bass once. What a rush. I hope you get your 30 pounder. Good luck!!
  18. HIGH All, striper bass they look like a scraper. Oh ya it's just a matter of time Pothead Pete...the big ones don't show up till late July and Aug. Nothing like catching one of these Slabs in a canoe. You people will be the first to see when we start slaing them.
  19. I'm jealous Unoit...........such a beautifull place and such nice fish to catch!!!!!! Damn I wish i was there!
  20. Don't laugh' the Humber is right in Toronto. I don't know how they'll taste though. The water looks good and clean, but I don't know about eating anything I catch out of it.

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