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SunnySkyeSS. Master or og kush! First time grower!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by SunnySkyeSS, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. So. I'm a first time grower. My friend sent me some seeds he made, they are either og kush or master kush. Nobody really knows!


    I'd like to list some things I've learned and hear back if anyone has differing opinions or ideas..

    My grow room is I guess where I'll start :


    Size of the grow "room" is 4'56"x2'29"x4'. It will soon be legal for me to grow up to four plants!

    Lighting- I will be starting out with s 150 watt bulb and moving up to a 1000watt LED full spectrum light.

    Soil mediums- organic soil, organic kelp and myco tea. Going with 3 gallon pots. 1/3 organic soil 1/3organic compost 1/3 sand and vermiculite. (Mortar or construction sand).

    Timing- sprouts in 3-4 days with 18/6 lighting

    Jiffy professional greenhouse... to put my germinated seeds in.

    Water- 5 gallon bucket tap water sat out for 24 waters.

    Am I on the right track? Confusing post. I just smoked my medicine!

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  2. A couple of things for you to think about.
    You're talking about wattage but I don't know if you mean the advertised wattage or what the lights actually pull at the wall. If that's a true 1000w light in a space that size you'll kill everything in the cabinet!
    I would urge you to start in solo cups or something similar and then transplant into a 1 and then a 3 and then maybe a 5 depending on how many plants you want to put in that space. I hope you're not thinking about planting all of them
    Leaving your water out for 24hrs isn't going to help with the ph .. get a meter off Amazon so you can test your tap water. Soil grows like 6.5-6.9 if possible.
    Light exposure
    After your seeds germinate you'll want to give them gentle light 24/7 for a week or 2. There's no hard and fast rule but the seedlings will tell if they're happy.

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