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  1. Sup guys, so i've been thinking about making a thread like this for a while. so here goes.

    ITT i'll be posting all my music as i make it, updating and such. Pretty simple idea haha. Hopefully some of you guys will enjoy what i'm making. Mostly i produce trance but i have some other influences like psy and ambient.

    Here is my latest (and greatest work) to start things off right. 1080 for best sound :)
    [ame=]Summer Breeze (wip3) - YouTube[/ame]
  2. alright this one is better and has some piano and stuff
    [ame=]Summer Breeze (wip4) - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Honestly, I was quite disappointed when I read this thread.... from the title I thought you were talking about Sunn O)))
  4. But don't worry I checked out your video too haha. Not bad at all, just not my kind of thing.
  5. props! i really liked it, put me in a good mood.
    i'll be checking this sub, keep putting out stuff like this :hello:
  6. thanks a lot man
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    Decent, I'm impressed that you made this. I was hoping it would be a little more on the psychedelic side but it's still decent. One suggestion though: consider adding an intro part like maybe 20-40 seconds that leads up to the beat and have the synth come in at the same time.
  8. thanks..yeah this one is pretty much pure trance, some of my other songs have more psych elements though.
  9. Very good music, thank you for sharing!
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    thanks :smoke:

    got kind of sidetracked (hey i go with the flow when im smoking lol) and i really wanted to test my skills since i haven't in awhile..and to do that i remake a pro song. so i remade one of my favorite songs (changing some minor stuff of course), or at least up until the big buildup since the song has vocals and i don't. anyway, i think it came out great, give it a listen:


    here is the original to compare:
    [ame=]Above & Beyond - Far From In Love (A&B San Francisco Mix) - YouTube[/ame]
  11. alright it got more epic, i replaced the vocals with a piano and did other fixing
  12. [ame=]Sunn O))) - It Took The Night To Believe - YouTube[/ame]
    Nice Burzum avater too man, (forgot to qoute you, whatever)
    We're on the same page(but in the wrong thread)
  13. been working a lot on this, finally reuploaded it. got a little more original with the melodies and such so its a lot more uplifting now.
    [ame=]Jingle Bells (Uplifting trance remix-in progress) - YouTube[/ame]
  14. alright jingle bells is done, i'm really happy how it turned out.
    i have a great start to a new song in the works, i'm thinking of possibly making the song of healing from the legend of zelda in a trance style. But i'm not sure if i'm okay with that, i've never remade a zelda song because they're all perfect as they are. so i might just turn it into an original.

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