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  1. Alright guys I've read and read and read and some people say it's best for the plants to get direct sunlight all day, some say as long as it gets light, some say half direct sun and half just light... So what's really the best here?

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  2. Hey what's up! Also in TN here. I prefer to let my girls chill under bigger trees, to where they are still getting light penetration but not getting fried. Gotta watch the humidity in the south.
    But my last crop was 511 grams wet from the outdoor so I may try something diff this season
  3. In almost all cases it is best to give your plants as much full sunlight as possible. It will allow them to eat as fast as possible, respond to amendments/additives faster, grow faster in veg, and bud faster and more in flower. The only time(s) you would not want full sun all day would be if you live in a very hot climate with low wind flow, and/or if you are growing plants that are known to be sensitive to heat stress. Usually plants in the ground can deal with extreme high temps a little better due to the roots being able to stay cooler than if you were using pots. Bear in mind that my climate gets pretty hot and I have NEVER had any heat stress issues outdoors. June, July, and August my day time temps stay ~85-100F, with the occasional 100+ days. Note my grow area has excellent air flow.
  4. How many did ya have out? And what type soil were you in?

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  5. More sun = More bud.. It's a really simple basic equation.. They do best in a dead flat field with sun from dawn till dusk..
  6. Yeah I no that! But where I'm at it's not going to get that! Knock about 2.5 hours off of that time frame and that's what sun I got. It's not terrible but it's not the best!

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  7. TNh.. Damn few of us get that, I sure don't in most of my sites.. The ones on my Patio do best all but mid summer when the sun climbs to high and they are actually shaded mid day.. My Main grow site only gets about 5 hours of direct sun but it's enough
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  8. Ah heck yeah man looks good! Then I should be fine with mine! I'll be starting a journal here too long

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