sunlight vs heatlamp vs blacklight

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Which is better to use to get the funk

  1. Natural light in the ground

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  2. Heat lamp in the pot

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  3. Blacklight in the pot

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  1. Hello fellow cultivaters

    I am new to this site and i hope all u fellow herb smokers can help me out.

    - Which is better to use in order to get greater quanity: natural sunlight vs black light or hps?

    - And which is better to use to get that FUNK if u know what i mean?

    Also on a side note. my friend used a tie-down and wrapped it around his plants stem when the plant was young (to choke the plant, in a sense) Now almost full growen it has gotten to be some funk chronic with hairs all over the place along with cyrstals. The seed was NOT a chronic seed. But he did use a black light and the plant was in a pot and kept both indoors and outdoors

    Will some please explain this weird phenomnon?
  2. i've been told that black lights don't do shit... but if they do i have a few. I say sunlight is the best kind of light. i'm mostly saying that because its cheap. if your able to get a HPS light and grow indoors i'd do that. because there being less bugs. i dunno... i'm high... ask someone else, my mind is just running with things to say.

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