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  1. Im growing in my closet which directly faces the north.  There is a big window opposite the closet which allows sunlight in.  While i do have a bunch of CFLs, I was just wondering if it was worth leaving the blinds open, will the sunlight through a window be of any benefit to my plants? Will it make a significant difference or should I just not bother?

    No, no benefit to that. You're better off using your cfl's. Use lots of cfl's.
    Are you in the southern or northern hemisphere? If you are in the northern hemisphere then your north facing window will never have direct sunlight coming through and will be a waste of time trying to use it 
  4. Alright thanks guys!

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  5. What if i have a window that faces east, upstairs where you CAN NOT see inside the window?  Would using that light work?
    Obviously the sun would only be directly in there till noon or so and dont have a window on the west side-just the east, but the room is lit up all day long
    Any suggestions would help! 
  6. If you get them natural light while still getting full benefit of your cfls then go for it. Just remember people are creepy and might look through your window never know :confused_2:
  7. Ive thought about that but they would have to come into a gated community and get a 25' ladder inside my courtyard THEN set it up to look in the not THAT paranoid!
  8. Binoculars :bongin:
  9. Maybe-they would have to do the same thing on SOMEBODY ELSES roof to have a straight line of vision in-
    even then its hard to see clearly inside

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