Sunlight Good or bad?

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  1. I can give my babies 10 soild hours of direct sunnylight a day then give them HPS FLOR mix. Will they like this?

    Also Just checking more time..
    12" go to flowering..
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  2. looks ready to flower must be close to 12"....the height that you trigger flowering is down to 12" it will probably grow to 3 for the daylight, if you mean putting it outside and then bringing it in?....if so that would be a bad idea, as some insects may get on the plant however they're predators may not....and it may possibly kill you're plant...just give it the hps and fluros for a full spectrum....or just the hps if it's only one plant.....what size of hps is it??....Peace out...Sid
  3. dude that puppy is ready to flower now.

    and going in and out isnt too bad for light but bugs and thieves and prying DEA officers might be a problem.

  4. 2- 70 Watt and 2 - 150 Watt
    Plus one 150 Watt growlight - Like a flood
    And 6 40 watt flor

    I am making sure all the little darings are getting even amouts of light and keeping the light as close as I can vers. heat. Distance ranges from 12" too 3 feet.
    I keep the flors very close maybe 1-2 inches.
    They seem to like the light - Water and Fert.
    I have just two under flowering conditons for now but I will be putting all the 12-24" guys on flowering today.
    That will give me total of 6 flowering.

    Iam gonna take some clones from them and start to see if I can get another 8 started.

    They don't like me to crowd out my office space with plants at work so I have asked for a larger cubicle. Although I may have to ask someone to move (they don't like to give up theirs to easily).

  5. I have a large southern facing Window with no outside obstructions. They would inside the building.

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