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  1. So I recently ordered a Sherlock bubbler of off And while I'm waiting for it to ship I was wondering if anyone had good or bad experiences with them. And how well made their pieces are.
  2. i remember a long time ago he came on this site after like months of posting because somebody asked the same thing.
    from what we learned: He lives in NY and he buys shitty china glass that he overcharges for.

    I dont know if his glass has changed but the guy was a douche lol.
  3. Who's "he" that you are referring to? The owner of the store?
  4. yes the owner of the store. He kept trying to justify his china glass but everybody thought it was overpriced.
  5. Alright well let's hope he's changed haha. I'll tell you how it is when I get it. It wasn't to much money tho. But we'll see.
  6. well i got the bubbler last monday. and lemme tell you, for the 40 dollars i spent on it. it was a great buy. Shipping took about a week and a half, but other then that, i think its great. Good quality glass, good sized bowl, and the sound of the bubbles just makes me gitty haha.
  7. i got a pipe from that shop i got the Phatapillar and its a thick piece...go to my thread Puffers pick ups to see it.


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