Sunday's Simpsons Was Dark

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  1. nutty
  2. Haha, that was crazy. Definitely wasn't expecting that.
  3. I lol'd at the dolphin head and tongue licking boxes.
  4. wow that's really out there..:eek:
  5. fuck hulu and it's international policy. i can't watch it
  6. gotta love banksy.

    some of his work is just incredible.

  7. It is probably on youtube by now.
  8. haha I noticed that too. The intro was pretty wild, im a little surprised it was approved. Good for him
  9. I'm not. They have to compete with shows that are much edgier than themselves(Family Guy, American Dad) now so taking a stab that deep at themselves will revitalize the show a little
  10. Truth. It did however poke fun at themselves and Simpson's merchandising. But yeah I see what you're saying
  11. They've had me watching for years and years though I'm one person they won't lose. Watching it has just become a routine. It still pulls out shit like this every once in a while and that is awesome. Show is still good just not as good.
  12. Agreed. I wish they aired some older episodes a little more often. Cant complain too much about the newer episodes
  13. My local station plays older episodes. Also I own Seasons 1, 2, 3 and 5 on DVD 5 is the best one
  14. Maybe I just dont catch them when they're on. I dont own any Simpson's dvd's but when I see them in stores I always think about gettin one
  15. If you get any season dvd get 5 it has so many great episodes and the best episode starring Sideshow Bob. The one where the Simpsons live on a house boat. The one with Mayor Quimby and his nephew saying chowdah is on there too.
  16. I'll keep an eye out. Thanks bud
  17. They are definitely a bit on the spendier side though
  18. You know how Target(and maybe other places) sell those two packs of DVDs? Hopefully i'll find a simpsons one.
  19. Best two pack I ever found was My Name is Earl Seasons 1 and 2. Damn the marijuana related episodes are so funny.

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