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sundays are fun

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by jasonjasonjason, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. slept in till like 11..then headed to my buddies house in north beach of San Francisco. I picked up a half ounce of "b-grade" bubble hash and 6 grams of "a-grade" bubble hash. I didnt take pics of the half but I will soon cuz its a nice rock.

    I will get better shots later, but I thought Id show you the little sample pack I picked up for 120. There are 4 different kinds of hash and they are all soooo tasty. They all melt so much in the bowl they basically turn into liquid. I love them.

  2. b grade hash will still blow your mind, its just not $100 a gram.

    +rep for the great hash

  3. Damn, that sounds like a great sunday. It is my friends birthday so I smoked a J with him and cruised.
  4. Yea hash is bomb b grade a grade it dont matter it still gets you high
  5. It's a fucking terrible Sunday for me =[
    Big fight with the 'rents.
    No dirtbike.
    No Weed.
    Fucking sucks.
  6. yeah the b grade is still good, its what i would call your average bubble hash. the a grade is just that shit that i will only smoke by myself or with close friends haha
  7. Sundays do normally seem to be pretty good. It's like the weed's always flowing then.

    sweet pickup as well.
  8. Nice score... It's been some time since I had some good bubble hash.

    Not for any other reason then I can't find hash around here for sale, so when I want it I gotta make it up myself. With fresh jars of cured buds the choir of making hash doesn't enter the mind all to often.. Your pics, and description of the clean bubblin hash has wet my appetite just enough to give me the motivation needed to clean out my freezer filled of trim, and turn my trash into hash.

    Maybe I'll actually be able to squeeze a few frozen tv dinners in there after today [​IMG]Oh and maybe my favorite toasted almond good humor icecream bars.

    Better go make some extra trays of ice... Thanks for my new found motivation LOL..
  9. Nice man let me know how it goes. I am saving up all the shake from the big bags Ive been picking up, I will have a few ounces of it in a few weeks maybe a month. Cant wait to finally make my own!

    Are you using bubble bags? I want to see some pics of the super melty batch
  10. Nice man, i love bubble hash.
  11. half ounce in back...bong with screen


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