Sunday May 31 '09 What u doin 2day?

Discussion in 'General' started by Fungardner, May 31, 2009.

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    What is everyone doing today?

    I'm sitting on the back deck on here and smoking a bowl :cool: Talking on the HAM radio to some guy in Germany

  2. Smokin a big fatty and then going out to work on the garden and soak up some rays :D
  3. packin a bowl and chillin inside, shitty day outside today.
  4. smoking a bowl and than seeing what this day looks like
  5. Woke up and went on a hike with my mother, going again only this time there will be an extra activity included :wave:
  6. woke up and played my last soccer game of my career (i have been with this team for 6+ years, finally our last season because we are all graduating) lifeguarding 3-7 then packin some bowls with my friends after work
  7. i just got home this morning from a bluegrass festival; now i'm looking around for a bag and probably going out on my friend's boat after awhile. should be pretty solid :cool:
  8. Hotboxing up in Mt.Baldy, perfect hotboxing weather in Southern California right now! :smoking:
  9. probably sitting here all day. if my friends come over im probably smoking
  10. probably sleeping, laying around.

    I should be packing but I'm just too tired...

    I might chill with my good friends tonight idk

    i need to get my mind off life for a good minute.
  11. smoking bowls, chillin on hydo, surfing the series of tubes
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    was gonna go out job hunting with a buddy but he decided he didnt wanna o anymore. called my guy to pick up a bit and play some bbal, dont think hes free today though. probably just waste away in front of my tv playing gears of war2. mr brown84 if anyones game!

    EDIT: my guy came through :) headin out in a few to play some bball and get stoned.
  13. No herb until I get paid tomorrow :(

    I'll probably just chill out maybe go to a friends.
  14. Soccer, smoking bowls with two chicas, heading to a concert in the morning.
  15. Just finishing up some housework, gonna' pick up from my dealer tonight & smoke while enjoying some beautiful weather :hello:
  16. just buzzing around the house

    i have an assignment for studio art due monday. doing that too.
  17. Applying to med school, going to the gym, and enjoying a bowl or two tonight

  18. lol that doesnt happen everyday, congrats on that. how does smoking and all that studying mix?

    im watching some so you think you can dance, vaping and smoking bowls

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