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  1. Hey blades just curious what do you all do if your plant gets a little too close to the light and it burns? I was gone for two days and one of my buds grew up into the light like a dumbass and burnt itself. I'm at class now but can post some pics when I get home. The bud itself is moist still but the pistils are toast and the fan leaves are mostly dead and crispy. Should I chop that bud or is it going to still be smokable?
  2. same thing has happened to me before. i kept growing the nug, and only the top of it was affected. I guess it depends on how burnt it got, but i suggest keep it going and see what happens
  3. Id let it grow more, it will and can grow new leaves and pistols. It may be twice as big when you harvest. Cutting it now will give you fert tasting weed.

    Some nugs are smarter than others.

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